Why is My Printer Not Printing and How to Fix this Issue ?


Why is My Printer Not Printing and How to Fix this Issue ?



Maybe you’re in a hurry to print your work documents, and you might want to keep the precious time you spend printing on photographic paper. Unpredictable printer troubles can be frustrating whatever the urgency of when you’ll need the page produced.

Printers that are used for home use may display errors and raise doubt why won’t my epson printer print . But, most of the time, identifying and fixing the issue with your printer can be difficult. This can confuse you with the issue of “Why does my printer not print? !”

If that error message doesn’t help much, don’t look for the warranty card now! We’ll be covering some of the simple diagnostic techniques and solutions regardless of whether you’re technologically adept

Steps to Fix Why Won’t My Epson Printer Print Error 


Step 1 A Basic Screen

Why won’t my epson printer print or If my printer fails to function, it will be the initial thing we will examine. If there’s an error code flashing or warning light flashing? Examine the printer or look at the software for your printer installed on the computer.

If you get an error message, Your user manual will guide you in the correct direction. If you don’t have the user manual on the shelf, you can search “your printer model and the user’s instruction manual” via Google. Check the label on your printer to identify the exact model or the serial number.

After that, you must ensure you have your printer ready:

  • Your data and electrical cables are correctly connect.
  • The printer you are using is on the correct Wi-Fi network.
  • There’s a paper that is set within the printing device. You can add a few more sheets in case you have only two sheets of paper, and sometimes the machine won’t grasp the paper when the paper isn’t thick enough.
  • The “Empty cartridges” warning light isn’t blinking.

If all of these appear okay, restarting your printer might help.

Step 2: Find Physical Printer Issues

Locating the source of the problem

What if a simple, old restart could not resolve your issue? Check whether your printer is operating correctly by conducting a self-test of your printer and try to know the reason of Why won’t my epson printer print ?

Also called a print report or a print quality report, Self-test is a built-in feature in your printer. It’s a pre-set page that is ready for printing. It will demonstrate whether the colour quality and printing alignment are in good order. Look for it in the menus on the printer’s interface.

The self-testing page is an instrument for diagnosing problems that let you determine whether it’s the computer or printer that’s the cause of the problem.

A well-designed self-test page is a sign of the presence of a problem with the connection between your printer and computer. If the print appears blurred, the colors appear dirty or streaky, or the page doesn’t print in any way, it could be time to swap the cartridges for your toner or perform a manufacturer reset.

Are Your Cartridges Empty or Clogged?

“Cartridges full” is most likely to be the most frequently encountered error message for home-use printers regardless of whether you are using ink or toner.

In reality, you’ll probably be able to print a couple more sheets after you have cleared this error. However, it’s an obvious sign you need to buy new ink cartridges for your printer.

To squeeze more pages from your cartridge, You could:

  • You can remove and replace the cartridges. The sensors are reset in specific models. It’s a modern method for the Brother cartridges.
  • Remove the cartridge from your laser printer, and shake it from side to side. Laser printers produce toner dust which can become stuck on the sides inside the cartridge.
  • Create black and white prints when the colour ink in your printer has run out. Black cartridges tend to be larger and can hold more colour.

What happens if you suspect you’re receiving that “cartridges empty” error? Maybe you just changed the ink you used or aren’t using the printer for a while.

If removing and returning the cartridges don’t work, a blocked printer head might cause your Problem.

Clean it by using your printer’s cleaning procedure (consult your printer’s manual for more details). If you’re up for a challenge, You can remove the blockage in the majority of HP, Samsung, Lexmark, and a variety of Canon ink cartridges.

Strange Crumpling Sounds? Paper Jam.

Your printer has pulled paper into. Great!

And then, the corner of a crumpled piece of paper (or perhaps absolutely nothing) emerged? It’s the paper jam.

The most frequent reasons why jamming of papers can be attribute to:

  • Paper sheets that become stuck together or are too thick or thin papers. The best option is the most popular office copy, 80g papers. The thickest paper that printers for home use can  use with photo paper.
  • Frayed, folded, or damage paper that is damage fold, or fray.
  • Foreign objects such as paper clips and hair ties.
  • The Paper tray is overload.
  • If you have inserted the paper incorrectly, make sure that you align the paper on the tray.

It’s more often an issue with the mechanism for feeding paper.

How do you handle stuck paper? Please don’t attempt to pull it out, as it will likely cause the paper to tear and leave small pieces inside the mechanism for feeding.

  1. Shut off the printing and empty the tray of paper.
  2. The large chunks of paper slow and slowly. Make sure to use both hands to equal the pressure evenly on each. Do not make a jerk. The feed mechanism turns little by little when the sheet moves.
  3. You might remove the entire sheet unharmed with the right hands and a bit of luck.
  4. If you’re not as blessed: Look around the sides, beneath the tray, or on the back of the printer to find an accessibility panel. It opens up an access panel that reveals the printing mechanism with cylindrical cylinders in the vicinity of the paper output.
  5. Be sure to shift the toner cartridges to the left if you can see them. Find the lock’s position; they’ll simply click in their place.
  6. After that, remove the remainder of the paper using your hands or tweezers. Be gentle in the feeding mechanism and stay clear of touching any other parts that are part of your printer.

Step 3: Ensure that there are no Software Problems.

What if the test page was print perfectly and there was enough ink and no paper blocks? But you’re unable to print the document you’re looking for or Why won’t my epson printer print? What should you do?

It could be that the wrong device has been select.


Verify that you’re sending your prints to the correct device.

If you don’t have more than one printer, your computer could be connect to the “virtual printing machine.” In Windows, they usually comprise virtual services such as OneNote or Microsoft Print to PDF.

Click on Control Panel > View printers and devices, and choose the appropriate printer model.

Status and Queue

If you’re in the area, click on the printer and choose “See the print queue.” If you want to search for a printer icon within the Windows notification area, right-click it, and locate your print queue.

An inefficient, old print job may block your queue and prevent you from getting the print you require!

Do You Have the Right Drivers?

When you connect a printer to your computer for the first time, your operating system will typically automatically download and install the drivers you require. Sometimes, however, issues arise – what do you do if the printer won’t establish a stable connection with your computer?

Installing drivers to printers with cords via your operating system is typically easy. You might need to initiate the scan for printers that use Wi-Fi manually.

You may need to install the drivers by hand:

Find your printer’s model’s number at the site of the manufacturer. Beware of downloading software from websites that the manufacturer does not own.

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