Which one Is Better Credit Karma or Credit Sesame?


Which one Is Better Credit Karma or Credit Sesame?



In today’s world, monitoring your credit score is essential. You can not only monitor your credit score over time but also prevent identity theft.

Over 10% of those over 16 years old reported being victims of identity theft in 2016. Identity theft can cause financial ruin. It is crucial to be able to monitor your credit score to combat identity theft.

In the last decade, free tools like Credit Karma or Credit Sesame were created that provide robust credit score tracking. Which one is the best? Which one is better? Are they safe?

We’ll be comparing the two platforms in this article and provide the best review between Credit Karma vs Credit Sesame.

What is Credit Karma?

Credit Karma offers personal finance tools and benefits, such as:

  • TransUnion and Equifax Credit Scores Free Monthly
  • Full credit reports are available for free every year
  • Other product recommendations include loans and credit cards
  • Tax filing tools that are free to use
  • Credit simulators
  • Calculators
  • Savings account with high-yield

They were founded in 2007 and have since amassed more than 100 million users. Some of their advertisements may have been seen on television. All of their products can be used for free.

Pros & Cons Of Credit Karma

Credit Karma can be used to track your credit score. They offer many tools that you can use to improve your credit score, as well as numerous other perks.

Even though they have their pros, there are still problems that virtually every free credit monitoring company has to deal with. No credit monitoring company that is free to use has access to FICO scores.

Credit Karma’s biggest flaw is its advertising. Targeted ads are a way for them to make money and they will show them to you until you give up. It’s a small price to pay for all the tools they offer.

They only provide reports and credit scores from two bureaus. Here, you won’t find any mistakes in your Experian credit reports.


  • Credit score monitoring and reports free of charge
  • Useful and easy-to-use credit scoring tools
  • Software for tax filing free
  • Calculators
  • Product recommendations based on your preferences
  • The Premium Version offers many benefits


  • Advertising is relentless
  • Experian score not available
  • No FICO scores

What is Credit Sesame?

Credit Sesame was founded in 2010 and is a fast-growing credit and loan company.

  • TransUnion Credit Score (VantageScore 3.0).
  • Alerts for changes in your credit score
  • Credit monitoring free
  • Identity theft insurance coverage up to $50,000
  • Recommendations and tracking of debt

These tools are very handy and can be used to quickly estimate your credit score.

Pros & Cons Of Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame provides free credit monitoring services. Their unique identity theft insurance differentiates them from their competition.

Their free version offers VantageScore 3.0 credit scores. These aren’t as used as the FICO Score 8 8. They only provide credit scores from TransUnion. Each bureau is independent so you won’t find any mistakes in your Equifax and Experian credit reports.

FICO Scores are not offered by them, but this is something almost all free credit monitoring platforms have to deal with.


  • Use it free of charge
  • The mobile app is user-friendly
  • Great credit score updates
  • Protection against identity theft
  • Provides information about your debt


  • Only TransUnion (VantageScore 3.0), provides information
  • No FICO Scores
  • TransUnion only issues one credit report per month

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What is the Cost of these Products?

This article focuses on Credit Karma, and Credit Sesame which are free to open an account and receive credit monitoring.

Credit Sesame offers a premium service that can provide you with even more benefits.

Premium Options

Credit Sesame has three premium paid tiers.

These premium tiers are worth the price? Personally, I don’t believe the average Joe should pay for any paid subscriptions.

It wouldn’t hurt, however, to put a little extra money aside if you are concerned about your identity being stolen.

Advanced Credit ($9.95/mo)

The Advanced Credit plan is for those who want to monitor their credit scores more closely.

  • Daily TransUnion VantageScore 3.0 update
  • All three credit bureaus (TransUnion Experian and Equifax) provide monthly full credit reports.

Pro Credit (£15.95/mo)

Pro Credit, which costs $6 more per month than the Advanced Credit plan and offers all the benefits of Advanced Credit but gives users the following:

  • 24/7 access to credit report assistance
  • All three bureaus offer credit monitoring and alerts

Platinum Protection ($19.95/mo)

Platinum Protection is the perfect solution if you want to protect your credit. You not only get all the Pro Credit perks but also:

  • $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance
  • 24/7 protection from lost or stolen wallets
  • Black market, public records, and surveillance of social security.

Is Credit Karma and Credit Sesame safe?

We believe Credit Karma as well as Credit Sesame to be legitimate and safe. There is always a risk when you provide financial and personal information online.

Credit Sesame isn’t having any problems but Credit Karma has a poor record. After failing to protect their users’ personal data, they settled with the Federal Trade Commission in 2014.

Credit Karma will have to undergo security assessments every two years until 2034 as a result. Ironic, the credit score monitor is being watched.

Credit Karma or Credit Sesame will ask you specific questions about your credit history if someone attempts to hack your account to open a credit card. Hackers find these questions difficult to answer because they ask for specific details only you would remember.

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Both Credit Karma and Credit Sesame have their strengths and weaknesses. Credit Karma and Credit Sesame are both safe and legitimate. It is always risky to provide personal and financial information online.

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