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BEST TREKS IN HIMALAYAS – where you can enjoy nature



India, with its varying topography and numerous hill ranges spread across the extensive subcontinent, offers a multitudeness of hiking trails. Trekking in India doesnt just halt with Himalyas but embraces a myriad expeditions. The best trekking places in India is a realm of icy cold deserts to tropical rain forests and soaring Himalayan peaks to rolling valleys .

Today its not just about India but the mighty Himalayas. 


 Home to the world’s highest mountains, Himalayas becomes the hot spot for all the trekkers. From beginners to intermediate expeditionaries everybody can float in the enchanting Goddess – that is the Himalayas. fix my speaker


Listed below are some exquisite treks with a beautiful ambience that you should sure check out before travellling to your the glories of Himalayan mountains.


Trekking in Nepal 


Dudhsagar trek from Bangalore

Dudhsagar trek from Bangalore, this trek is in goa but it starts from bangalore, and you see the nature at its best, high mountains with waterfalls.

Himalayas in Nepal 


Everest Base Camp 


 World’s tallest mountain peak Mount everest which became quite a hot spot after the 2012 movie and we all know for what but completely took a 360 degree turn after that being an all time favourite for all the trekking enthusiasts. With almost continuos views of one of the tallest peaks in the world including the everest, the base camp offers a very good trail with a cosy stay at tea houses. This destination could be taken as an option to plan for from june to september and even though its very cold in december and january that is the best time to experience the solitude. 


Beginning with some treks which are comparatively easier to cover and followed by the moderate and challenging ones in a sequence. These are some of the famous treks in India 


Dayar burgyal 


 Dayara Bugyal brings you the perfect getaway from the monotonous everyday lifestyle. Located at an altitude of 3950 metres, Dayara Bugyal becomes a cliche amalgamation of phantom horizon with a silver lining and alpine meadows infused with several unique himalayan flowering plants. A perfect destination for solo travellers, beginner trekkers carrying along their families also the avid travellers love to trek to this awestriking destination because of how niche and uncrowded Dayara Bugyal is. Putting this one in your bucket list is a very must. Although this trek can be visited throughout the year the best time to visit is in the month May-July, August-Mid-October, and December-February. 


Gomukh Tapovan Trek


Gomukh Tapovan Trek,  the spot known to have spiritual significanceis aside from offering a hypmotizing break. It is among the famous expeditions in India. On this venture, you will traversing along the Bhagirathi River to arrive at the origin of the river, called Gomukh. The camp takes you to the most extravagant expeditions in the Himalayas, alongside sneak peeking at some Himalayan peaks , Meru Parvat, Mt. Shivling,Bhirgupanth, Chaturangi, and Sudarshan. The difficulty level of this trek is from moderate to challenging and the best time to visit this place is from may-june. Located in Agora, Bhankoli, Uttarakhand.


Excited to explore these best trekking places in Himalayas in Uttarakhand ? Head to these enchanting land with your family and friends and enjoy the extravagancies with an amazing aesthetic value.

Panch Kedar Trek


Away from the hustle bustle chaotic life experiencing he calmness in the abode of God. Covering 5 shrines of Lord Shiva in the fascinating Kedar valley, Panch Kedar trek offers enduring experience. A wonderful blend of spirituality with a beautiful scenic charm. Beginning with Kalpeshwarknown for the cave temple where it is said that the mated hair of Lord shiva appeared followed by a visit to the  Rudranath shrine where the head of Lord Shiva was discovered, Tugnath temple- the world’s highest Shiva Temple is the middle point of the panch kedar trek. Basically Panch where the bodily parts of lord shiva are said to be sighted. The second last site to cover Madhya Maheshwar, where the naval of the Lord appeared. Lastly and definitely not the least Kedarnath temple where Lord Shiva appeared in his full form in the body of a bull

Valley Of Flowers Trek


Acknowledged as the abode of the fairies by the locals. Valley of flowers – a listed unesco world heritage site is bestowed with the rare and exotic Himalayan flora. The green valley with various patches of distinctive colored – flowers encompassed by transcending snow-covered mountains. Fairies are hard to find and so is this blooming valley of flowers because it. Only happens during the some seasons such as from june-october is the best time to visit this destination. The trek is a little challenging at a height of 3,890 m. 


Himalayan treks in Tibet 


Kailash Circuit


This trek is considered one of most challenging religious pilgrim treks in the world. But you know they say when you have thought about it you. Achieve it, its all about how passionate you are to do it. The uniform mountain is one of the most prepossessing and sacred of the Himalaya. Abode of Lord Shiva, This mountain is not just known for that but also its geographical and. Cultural imposrtance as being the source of the giant rivers of India- Brahmaputra and Indus. Theres an ancient saying – A journey around the mountain will free pilgrims from endless cycles of birth and death. 

This trek is quite challenging but worth it. 


There’s a vast variety to travel and the list is endless therefore the only way to find out. W hich is your favourite amongst these is to pack you bags ang go exploring.

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