Top Tips To Choose Branded Promotional Products


Top Tips To Choose Branded Promotional Products



Nothing is more delightful than an occasional freebie. Studies reveal that almost half of customers like to get promotional products frequently.

Branded promotional products can perform many valuable functions when appropriately used. They serve to advertise, draw in new clients, reward clients for a referral or staying loyal, remind clients about the products and brand and make fresh clients do business with the company.

One may wonder whether such a small and common item as a pen can have big payoffs for a business. Still, when one effectively uses promotional items, one can gain tremendous results. Following are some tips about how to make promotional merchandise work wonders for one’s business:

Know Your Identity

It is obvious that one should totally know one’s services and products. Besides this, one should be aware of company values, what one represents, what one’s brand message is and what kind of image one wants to showcase. It is based on these that one should build up one’s marketing message.

So, check whether the corporate promotional products suit one’s brand. For instance, if the business is in the educational field, a beach towel may not be ideal as a gift, while a set of paper clips may be more suitable.

By knowing one’s business, one can know one’s customers as well. It implies that one can customise one’s product to meet the requirements of target customers while still constructing one’s brand.

Be Unique

About promotional products, most businesses go in for generic products liked by them but are ultimately forgettable. The idea is to convey one’s brand message in a mode in which customers feel appreciated and remember one’s brand. To make the right impression, select promotional items that match one’s brand and have a personal connection with customers.

For example, a non-profit company could do better than handing out pens to give away notepads made of recycled paper. Select a memorable product rather than a generic one. Be sure to represent the company creatively and suitably and give away something that beats the competition. For instance, if all are giving away sunglasses, one must do something different and go in for branded items like USB sticks.

Consider Location

One must consider where one will be handing out the products. In case it is at a trade show, one can give away light items like a file folder, while for a corporate picnic, one can give away something bigger like a cooler tote. So, always keep in mind the location where products are to be distributed while choosing the best promotional products. mybrandplatform


Empathy is crucial in communication, not just in words but also in action. For instance, if one plans to give away a gift to employees, select a gift demonstratng that one cares for them. A ‘hope you are keeping well’ card along with a Covid care kit will prove useful and appreciated by the recipients.


The logic is simple — corporate promotional products must represent one’s brand perfectly. Therefore, one must select gifts that match the class and quality of one’s brand. The quality of one’s merchandise will assess one’s target audience, and so one must impress them suitably. For instance, if one wishes to gift sipper bottles, there is a wide variety, and one should go in for the best quality that fits into one’s budget. timebusinesnews


It does not make sense to give away something just for a namesake. Today’s customers are an astute bunch who spend much time online and know the latest trends. One must stay abreast of their aspirations and offer them the required items. So, graduate from an ordinary coffee mug to a heat-saving item.


The world of today is much about work from home. As such, there is much dependence on electronic devices and gadgets to ensure continuity in business at all levels. One of the hottest gifts of current times is something that will help clients/employees function better from home. So, electronic items like power banks, USB sticks, earphones, desk clocks, watches, etc., are all ideal gifts.

Eco-Friendly Items

Most people are more aware of caring for the environment nowadays. Sharing eco-friendly merchandise with one’s stakeholders is an excellent way to send out the right message. There are comprehensive options for eco-friendly items like bags, cutlery, drinkware, etc., with a low carbon footprint.


Merchandise meant as giveaways for events or internal distribution mainly needs detailed customisation. High quality and personalisation lift the standard of gifting greatly. For instance, one
can give employees in one’s offices worldwide with kits branded with one’s new logo. Such kits may include items like coffee mugs, coasters, note pads, etc., personalised as per the recipient.

In sum, these are all ideas for selecting branded promotional products. They are valuable tools for one’s marketing strategy if one knows how to get them to work for one’s business.

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