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Top 7 Flat Fee MLS Companies in the US!



Hiring a flat-fee MLS listing agent can help boost your listing exposure if you’re selling your house for sale by owner (FSBO) without breaking the bank. The cost to put your house on the local multiple listing service (MLS), a database of properties for sale in your area, is fixed by flat fee MLS listing businesses. It will be much simpler for potential buyers to find your listing thanks to an MLS listing, which will considerably improve its exposure.


Benefits of selling as FSBO

  • Even if your buyer employs an agency, you’ll save 2% to 3% on the listing agent commission.
  • You control the price, the timing of the showings, the marketing techniques, the bargaining tactics, and other aspects.
  • When selling to family or friends, FSBO simplifies the procedure.



Modern MLS listing platform Houzeo enables home sellers to market their properties on the MLS for a set cost. Your listing agent will help you at every stage of the selling procedure. You save about half the realtor’s commission when you use a flat-rate MLS listing.


Pros of Houzeo

  • Nationwide protection
  • Shortlisting within a day with concierge
  • Listings are syndicated to countless other websites, including Zillow,, Trulia, and Redfin.
  • Reductions in commissions
  • As per Houzeo Reviews, making changes to the list is simple.
  • 100% online, including quick updates, simple listings, online showings, and online offers
  • Featured mobile app.


Flat Fee MLS Realty

Flat fee MLS packages are available from Flat Fee MLS Realty. Owner and broker Stephen Hachey have more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. The greatest people to use it for our sellers on a limited budget who want to cut costs as much as possible.


Pros of Flat Fee MLS Realty

  • By offering the most crucial features, such as the MLS listing, photos, and limitless updates, keeps expenses down.
  • The packages are competitively priced, and the customer service is timely.
  • Key lockboxes and yard signs are available for purchase online.
  • For first-time property sellers, the best.


Cons of Flat Fee MLS Realty

  • Unlike some other companies, does not offer downloaded seller documentation.
  • Both time display and executing a market analysis are not supported.
  • A lockbox is not included in the basic bundle.



Modern real estate company Beycome makes it easier for homeowners to advertise their properties on the MLS.


Pros of Beycome

  • Their service includes receiving and negotiating offers, monitoring your listing, and uploading photographs.
  • Your home must be listed on the MLS and kept there until it sells in less than three days.
  • You can use each package’s two home value estimates to help you decide.
  • A free open house scheduler is available from them.


Cons of Beycome

  • The comparative market study is not included in the basic packages.
  • Misrepresenting the buyer’s agent commission. They want a closing fee of 1% of the sales price.
  • There is no paperwork support or documentation.
  • A yard sign or lockbox is not included in the basic package.
  • The seller’s fees, closing costs, and other expenses are not included in the flat fee.


List With Freedom

List with Freedom has made a name for itself as one of the American listing companies with the fastest growth. In contrast to the conventional selling process, they list your house on the MLS for a stone-time flat charge. Their main objective is to sell your house as quickly as they can. They promote and advertise your house to prospective buyers on websites like Homefinder, Zillow, Frontdoor,, Facebook,, and


Pros of List With Freedom

  • There are no cancellation costs for live ads.
  • You can pay a little extra for open houses and showings assistance.
  • Listwithfreedom reviews state if you are certain of what you require, you can select a less expensive plan and buy the add-ons separately.


Cons of List With Freedom

  • The base package contains just one picture.
  • There is no house value or pricing support included with List With Freedom.



Fizber is an online marketplace that homeowners use to market their homes for sale by owners. They connect you directly to the buyers and provide a free listing on their website. By doing this, you cut out the middleman and fully control real estate commissions. To meet your needs, it provides a variety of listing packages. For instance, Fizber can help you contact an agent to represent you at the closing and help with disclosures. There is an extra charge for this.


Pros of Fizber

  • Outstanding client service
  • Free listings of houses with lots of photos on Fizber
  • Some states offer amazing discounts.
  • Available in all 50 states


Cons of Fizber

  • Additional services lead to different lenders.
  • Uncertain business practices
  • An old website with ambiguous package options was one of the first for sale by owner websites to offer countrywide coverage. Since 1997, has connected buyers and sellers, saving them hundreds of dollars while giving clients the quickest and most affordable way to sell or buy homes online.


Pros of

  • Both and your local MLS will list your house. On their website, many consumers conduct direct searches for FSBO properties.


Cons of

  • The entry-level $99 service allows you to upload 1 video.
  • Fees for FSBO supplies in addition.
  • No extra costs.
  • Limited options are available à la carte in their listing package.


The most straightforward method for obtaining a listing on the local MLS without a realtor is Homecoin, which is simple to use. If practically every step of the property selling process is something you feel confident handling on your own, you won’t get much more than an MLS listing, which is ok.


However, expect to pay a significant markup if interested in any add-ons, such as lockboxes and yard signs. In that scenario, it would be best to look for a service that is a little more expensive but offers more tools and features.

Pros of Homecoin

  • It offers sellers a simple option to advertise their properties on the MLS.
  • Makes it simple to list on the MLS


Cons of Homecoin

  • You can miss out on many services that a full-service real estate agent offers.



Houzeo and List With Freedom are reliable businesses that can effectively market your home to many potential purchasers.

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