Tips and Tricks of Best Lunch Buffet in Abu Dhabi


Tips and Tricks of Best Lunch Buffet in Abu Dhabi



Quality First

Sajway ensures upon providing you with absolutely the best within Abu Dhabi if you value quality over everything else. Everything gets cooked excellently with the top quality of the buffet cuisine, tastily, proudly. Ideal if you love excellent pasta dishes, sushi (the only buffet that, at dinner, offers diced raw fish within a variety of authentic preparations), and gourmet salads ( however they get offered in the tiniest of cups), that means you would have to go back countless times, freshly squeezed orange juice, fish and seafood. We have never disappointed any of our clients in the terms of quality and hygiene. The most reliable choice that you can make over the buffet is this restaurant at which you get the Best Lunch Buffet in Abu Dhabi.


Casual Elegance, Pleasant Atmosphere, Relaxing, ideal if you desire to enjoy your meals. The rooms turn out to be spacious and even the smallest tables provide you with enough space to move around. The chairs are very much comfortable. Best Lunch Buffet in Abu Dhabi (أفضل بوفيه غداء في أبو ظبي) ensures you super delicious food.


It turns out to be always good.


Best Lunch Buffet in Abu Dhabi is great for any type of food. We personally recommend it.


The only vegas buffet that offers Pasta Dishes with great variety and some loyalty to the real Italian Cuisine. You would not find these Pasta Dishes within any other top. Indeed, you would not find any Pasta dishes within any other top.


Besides an average selection of lettuce for you to prepare, with the super healthy olive oil and balsamic vinegar option with the other condiments, there occurs a more interesting selection that the server creates that is delicious albeit that serves small portions.

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

This juice is specifically for people who wish to order the juice.

Any Side Dish

Potatoes or Vegetables are the best as a side dish.

Their soups are indeed good, with a decent selection of bread (usually vegas buffet offers up a meager selection, specifically if you like healthy bread like wholegrains bread- only the Cravings buffet at the Mirage tops.

The cold fish appetizers section ( easily identifiable over the one side of the buffet) is delightful ( smoked salmon and related hors d’oeuvre with cheese), crab, shrimps, and oysters. They also serve the other types of cold appetizers (multiple top-quality kinds of cheese amongst them) that are delicious.


All meat is served over the top quality. restaurant or cafe


Best Lunch Buffet in Abu Dhabi has a pizza section that offers multiple delicious types of cuisines. However, the buffet has truly great, delicious Pizza. Thin, absolutely generous within the toppings, varied, creative, and wood-fired. We basically avoid Pizza at Buffets just because they fill up in a non-nutritious way; however, always leave space for the pizza at the particular Buffet.


As mentioned above with the regard to Japanese dishes, there occurs a good section of well-prepared ethnic food that includes a couple of well-prepared Thai Dishes. Chinese, as well as Mexican cuisines, get covered. The food has a great quality that is very good except for the regular sushi. However, Sushi is average in every Buffet that we have been with the exception of Todai Buffet.

Best Lunch Buffet in Abu Dhabi provides the most amazing cuisines

The only drawback is that this is not the largest Buffet in the town; this means that the number of dishes on the display is not the largest. However, because what you do find is excellent, you would eat it and enjoy it, inspite of sampling an array of average dishes. Since with the Buffets, the best dish choices get offered at the dinnertime which is also the most expensive Buffet time. The best choices get offered at the dinnertime which is also the most expensive buffet time. Another drawback can be, with some of the top buffets, its price, specifically dinner and weekend prices. We aim to avoid them and stick to the breakfasts and lunches. On the weekends, we go to the very good however fewer cravings buffet.

You may enjoy dinner since it is a roll-over opportunity that the establishment is gracious enough to offer you, with the Todai Sushi. Sometimes, there are huge lines at the top buffets, specifically on the weekends and during the special holidays. No buffet is without the line-ups over the special days. However, weekends are great. Sajway is a blessing wherein you may have the Best Lunch Buffet in Abu Dhabi. The buffet is a top priority of people nowadays. The restaurant aims to offer quality and flexibility to its customers.

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