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Time You Should Consider Your Sleep Hygiene



Sleep Hygiene

Do you ever face difficulty in falling asleep while staring at the walls of your room? Or sometimes you might wake up thinking that it is time to get up when it is 3 am. If you need to get better sleep then it may be time you should consider your sleep hygiene. The reason for not getting good sleep can be a result of your bad habits that are preventing you from getting quality sleep.

Let’s understand what sleep hygiene is and the changes you can make to your routine to improve your bedtime and can get a good sleep at night. But first, make sure you have a good mattress because you can’t ignore this thing. If you don’t have a quality mattress then you will fail in getting good sleep. If you want to change your mattress with a great quality mattress then you can use Amerisleep coupon, as they have the top-notch quality mattress available at a remarkable price. 

Tips To Get A Good Sleep 

Bad sleeping habits can affect your night’s sleep, sleep hygiene refers to healthy habits and behavioral changes that can lead to a good night’s sleep. Those who have poor sleep hygiene usually result in a lack of energy, motivation, and poor decision-making which leads to constant headaches and mood swings. But if you maintain your sleep schedule and control your sleep hygiene then you can get a good sleep with good sleep hygiene, then why not follow it? read out some healthy tips and try to follow them to improve your bad sleeping routine. 

Avoid Taking Day Naps 

Most people are still doing work from home and we all know working from home is so relaxing that you can even get distracted. While working from home, some people also take short naps because nobody is seeing them and however, these short naps can affect your night routine badly. Make sure not to take such naps when you are already facing difficulty in getting night sleep. Better to stay awake till night and go for an average 8-hour sleep that is required by every person. It is not necessary to take naps only when you are doing work from home, a normal person should also avoid taking naps during the daytime. if they are also facing difficulty in getting a good sleep at night. 

Avoid Using Electronic Gadgets Before Sleep

Using phablets before sleeping can affect your night routine. It is scientifically approved that the more you use electronic products, the more your sleep hygiene will get worse. Electronic gadgets keep your brain occupied thus disturbing your sleeping schedule. Avoid using mobile phones, laptops, iPad, etc on your bed before sleeping. Plus, to get a comfortable sleep make sure you are sleeping on the right pillow. It is very important to have the right choice of pillow, Puredown has a wide range of ergonomic pillows that can help you get a good sleep. Puredown Coupon Code will give you great savings on your purchase. 

Avoid Taking Caffeine 

If you are among those who have a habit of having coffee late at night or drinking after coming home from a tiring working day. So, you should avoid doing it as it could be one of the reasons for your bad sleeping hygiene. Caffeine directly affects your night’s sleep and it ruins your sleeping schedule, as a result, you hardly get to fall asleep early. Insomnia and sleep deprivation are the results of such unhealthy habits that have other adverse effects over some time. Make sure you do not drink tea and soda as well, as they also have caffeine in them and can affect your night’s sleep. 

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Airbrush Perfection:7 Must Have Products for Your Makeup Kit



Airbrush Perfection

Achieving flawless and long-lasting makeup can be a challenge, especially when you’re relying on traditional brushes and sponges. That’s where airbrush makeup comes in. With its professional-grade application and seamless finish, airbrush makeup is becoming a staple in the beauty industry. Explore the top 7 must-have products for your professional airbrush makeup kit, including the best airbrush foundation to achieve that airbrushed perfection.

  • The Airbrush System: A Comprehensive Tool for Precision and Flawless Finish

The cornerstone of any airbrush makeup kit is the airbrush system itself. This sophisticated tool combines an airbrushing gun and a compressor, working in harmony to deliver a consistent, flawless, and even application of makeup. When selecting an airbrush system, it’s essential to opt for a high-quality professional airbrush makeup kit to ensure smooth operation and exceptional results. Invest in a system that’s user-friendly, reliable, and capable of delivering precise makeup applications for a truly professional finish.

  • Airbrush Foundation: The Key to a Seamless and Radiant Base

At the heart of airbrush makeup lies the foundation, and choosing the right airbrush foundation is pivotal. Look for a lightweight formula that offers buildable coverage, allowing you to customize the level of foundation application based on your desired look. The breakthrough lies in finding a shade that perfectly matches your skin tone, ensuring a seamless blend for a natural and radiant base. Luminess Beauty offers a diverse range of airbrush foundation shades, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every complexion.

  • Airbrush Cosmetics: Elevating the Artistry of Makeup Application

Beyond foundation, airbrush cosmetics encompass a comprehensive range of products, such as blush, bronzer, and highlighter, specially formulated for airbrush application. These products are designed to work harmoniously with the airbrush system, ensuring a flawless and natural-looking finish. The unique formulations allow for layering and blending, enabling users to craft personalized and glowing complexions with ease. Experiment with different shades and application techniques to enhance your natural beauty with airbrush cosmetics.

  • Airbrush Cleaning Kit: Maintaining Hygiene for Longevity and Optimal Performance

Maintaining hygiene is fundamental in ensuring the longevity and performance of your airbrush makeup kit. A dedicated airbrush cleaning kit becomes an essential companion, comprising a cleaning solution, brushes, and tools to facilitate thorough and effective maintenance. Regular cleaning not only safeguards the functionality of the airbrush system but also prevents makeup build-up and clogs, preserving the integrity of your kit.

  • Airbrush Primer: Building the Foundation for Flawless Application

A vital element of airbrush makeup application, the primer sets the stage for a flawless and long-lasting makeup application. Tailored to complement airbrush techniques, a quality airbrush primer works to minimize the appearance of pores, create a smooth canvas for makeup, and facilitate exceptional makeup adherence. Look for a primer specifically formulated for airbrush application to ensure optimal results, providing the perfect base for your airbrushed masterpiece.

  • Airbrush Setting Spray: Securing Your Airbrushed Look for All-Day Perfection

With your airbrushed look perfected, the next mission is to ensure its longevity and resilience throughout the day. An airbrush setting spray proves to be indispensable in locking in your airbrushed foundation, preventing any transfer or fading as you embrace your day. Choose a setting spray designed for airbrush makeup to seal your flawless finish. And grant you the assurance of a smudge-proof and enduring makeup look.

  • Airbrush Stencils: Precision Tools for Creativity and Versatility

For novice users or those seeking to explore intricate makeup designs, airbrush stencils stand out as invaluable tools. These pre-cut stencils, when used with your airbrush system, enable precise and intricate designs, whether it’s for contouring or intricate eye looks. They serve as visual guides, facilitating the execution of complex makeup techniques with precision and ease, elevating your artistry and expanding your creativity in airbrush makeup.

Mastering Airbrush Techniques: Tips for Seamless Application and Artistic Expression

Unleashing the full potential of airbrush makeup entails mastering the art of seamless application. And harnessing techniques that elevate your artistic expression. Below are essential tips to help you achieve flawless results and unlock the creative possibilities of airbrush makeup:

  • Perfecting the Foundation: 

Begin by holding the airbrush approximately six inches away from your skin, moving in circular motions to distribute the foundation evenly. Start with light layers and gradually build coverage where needed. This gradual approach ensures a natural and radiant finish while minimizing the risk of over-application.

  • Blending with Finesse: 

Blending airbrush cosmetics is an art form that requires precision and skill. Embrace a gentle and steady hand to seamlessly blend blush, bronzer, and highlighter for a harmonious and naturally sculpted look. Experiment with different motions and pressures to master the art of blending while embracing the transformative potential of airbrush cosmetics.

  • Leveraging Stencils for Artistry: 

Airbrush stencils are invaluable tools for those seeking to explore intricate designs or achieve precise contouring effects. Strategically position the stencils over your skin and observe the guidance they provide. This allows you to create intricate designs, sculpted contours, or captivating eye looks with effortless precision.

  • Maintaining Optimal Airbrush Performance: 

Ensure that your airbrush system is always clean and well-maintained. Regularly clean the airbrush gun and compressor, following the manufacturer’s guidelines, to prevent clogs and maintain optimal performance. Additionally, conduct routine checks to ensure that the airbrush system functions flawlessly, allowing you to achieve consistent and professional-quality results.

  • Troubleshooting for Perfection: 

In the event of uneven application or clogging, troubleshoot effectively by adjusting the airbrush pressure. Cleaning the nozzle, or ensuring that the makeup consistency is suitable for airbrush application. Familiarize yourself with troubleshooting techniques to swiftly address any challenges and maintain the seamless application of airbrush makeup.

By mastering these airbrush techniques, you’ll gain the expertise to effortlessly achieve a flawless airbrushed finish. While embracing the artistic freedom to express your unique beauty with confidence and creativity.


Building your airbrush makeup kit with these 7 must-have products will elevate your makeup game to the next level. From the airbrush system itself to the foundation, cosmetics, and cleaning kit, each product plays a crucial role in achieving airbrushed perfection. And remember, Luminess Beauty offers a wide range of professional airbrush makeup products, including the best airbrush makeup foundation, to help you achieve that flawless and long-lasting makeup look. So go ahead, invest in the right tools, and airbrush makeup for that stunning and camera-ready complexion.

Visit Luminess Beauty’s website to learn more about the Company and explore its range of airbrush makeup products.

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Twisted Braids: Hairstyle Trend That Is Taking Over the World



passion twist hairstyle

Twisted braid hairstyles are the latest obsession we absolutely adore for their fun and peppy appeal and classic look. The best part is that it is not only fashionable but a protective hairstyle that prevents damage to your hair. From Zendaya to Zoe Kravitz, every black celebrity is trying out stylish protective hairstyles for curly coily hair, because when it comes to twisted braids, there are endless different variations for you to try with different colors, types of curls, lengths, and volumes that open up a wide world of styles that your disposal.

While at first look, twisted braids might seem like a tricky hairstyle, it is relatively easy once you figure out how they are done. If you still feel that it is tough for you, then you can get twisted braid wigs and extensions that can be applied easily to your hair without much effort at all. There are so many simple ways to embrace the twisted braids hairstyle, which we will talk about in this blog. Let’s check out some of the best-twisted braid hairstyles:

Passion Twist Braids

Jazz up your look with passion twist braids

Jazz up your look with passion twist braids

The passion twist hairstyle was created by the Miami hairstylist Kailyn Rogers in 2018 and it kicked up a storm later and has still been relevant with multiple variations as seen today. Passion Twists, also known as spring twists, are done using the 2-strand twist method and can last up to 2 months. To get this hairstyle, you will require water wave braiding hair, clips to section your hair, and a rat tail comb.

First of all, thoroughly wash and condition your natural hair using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. After that, blow-dry your hair but prefer to keep them curly/wavy so that water wave braiding hair can be installed easily on your natural hair.

Start by parting your hair into multiple different sections and clipping them. After you have adequately parted your hair strands, start with a strand and twist it with the braided hair extensions (pro tip: you can get braids of multiple colors to twist along with your natural hair and create an absolutely glam look) to form passion twist braids. Use edge control products or curl-defining gelee to emphasize your curls.

Senegalese Twists

Get a trendy look with Senegalese twists

Get a trendy look with Senegalese twists

Senegalese Twists are an absolutely stylish and trendy protective hairstyle for afro-textured curly hair that is best created using extensions and is much easier to pull off compared to cornrows or other braided hairstyles. If they are done right, Senegalese twists can last up to two-three months at least.

If your natural hair is at least 1.9 cm or 0.75 inches, you can create Senegalese twists on your hair. You will need at least 3-4 packages of pure curly hair extensions to replicate this style, and it is ideal that you go for a bundle deal on pure curly hair extensions for optimum pricing.

Here is How You Can Try Senegalese Twist Braids

Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. With a wide-tooth comb and a detangling spray proceed to detangle your hair. Dry them naturally or with a blow dryer set to low heat and a round, natural-bristle brush. If the braided hair strands are knotted together, detangle them by gently rubbing them between your fingers after opening the extensions packaging. Depending on how wide you want your twists to be, divide the extensions into appropriate pieces. After that, fold each portion in half so that it resembles a “U.”

Comb your hair into four identical parts. After that, split each component into four portions. These divisions should each be no wider than 1 inch (2.5 cm). Divide the portion into two equal-sized halves using a comb or your fingers. Gently turn each smaller part to the right with your fingertips. Once each segment has started to twist into a coil, keep twisting. You can use kinky curly braiding hair and give more volume to your twists and enhance this hairstyle to new heights.

Triangle Twists

Get a boho look with triangle twist braids

Get a boho look with triangle twist braids

If you need a little more hair inspiration to give yourself a boho look, Triangle Twists are just a simple variation of box braids that can easily do so. To achieve this hairstyle, each hair strand is typically divided into portions in traditional braided hairstyles using a triangular shape. Carefully separate each portion into a tidy horizontal row using a rat-tail comb.

Make alternate angled cuts to form a triangle as you divide the hair into sections. The hair should now be twisted as usual, but you can use kinky curly braiding hair to add volume and length to your twisted braids. The angles in the twists will give your hairdo a cool geometric appearance once you’ve finished twisting all of the pieces.

Different Variations In Passion Twists

Amp up your look with passion twist braids

Amp up your look with passion twist braids

While you have checked out how to turn your natural hair into passion twist hair, there are so many beautiful variations on this protective braided hairstyle that you definitely need to know about. Passion twisted braids can be done while adding a different colored twist, you can ombre curly extensions to feature ombre passion twists, or you can also use a scarf or some beads to upgrade your already awesome passion twisted braids as well.

An alternative to this is also possible for different hair textures, for instance, you can also try jumbo passion twists using bigger strands or extra bundles of clip in hair extensions, or spread out these braid strands to sport passion twists with fine hair by using extensions to increase the length rather than the girth of your hair extensions.


A wide world of twisted braids awaits you. Just by simply adding kinky curly braiding hair bundles, you can add your own interesting twist to twisted braid hairstyles. From brunch dates to gala events, twisted braids are a ramp walk-ready hairdo that protects your hair and at the same time offers you head-turning looks that were only limited to celebrities till now.

If you are looking for braid extensions, check out Indique Hair. The brand offers quality 100% human hair extensions and wigs that give your hair a natural look at the best price. Try twisted braid hairstyles now, and look forward to insta-worthy pictures right away!

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Celie Hair: The Bodywave Lace Front Wig Is Perfect For Women



Have you ever been looking for a wig that would fit your unique face shape, but don’t know what kind of lace front wig to go with? If so, this article has some important information for you. It breaks down the different types of lace front wigs and reviews some of their best features and differences in quality.

What is a Lace Front Wig?

Looking for a lace front wig that will give you the style and volume you desire? Look no further than the Body Wave Lace Front Wig! This versatile piece can be styled in many ways to suit your needs, whether you want a natural look or something more dramatic. Plus, its curly hair texture will give you the added boost of volume and body that you need to create any style. If you’re looking for a wig that is comfortable and stylish, the Bodywave lace front wig is perfect for you!

Benefits of the Body Wave Lace Front Wig

The bodywave lace front wig is a versatile style that can be worn for many different occasions. It is perfect for women with curly hair because it gives them the ability to have sleek, healthy hair without having to resort to using heat treatments or other methods that can damage their hair. Additionally, the bodywave lace front wig is comfortable to wear and provides excellent coverage. This style is perfect for women who want to look professional and stylish at the same time.

Straight vs. Curly

If you have curly hair, you know that it can be a pain to style and manage. That’s why the lace front wig is such a great option. This style of wig gives you the look of straight hair without all the hassle.

The bodywave lace front wig is perfect for women with curly hair. It has a natural appearance and feels comfortable to wear. Plus, it’s easy to maintain. Simply wash with shampoo and conditioner, and you’re good to go! Straight Lace Front Wig

When it comes to hair, there are two types: straight and curly. Straight hair is the type that falls down your back in a smooth line. Curly hair, on the other hand, is textured and full of waves. Women with curly hair often have trouble finding a style that works well for them. That’s where the lace front wig comes in.

The lace front wig is a type of wig that has a section at the front that’s made out of lace. This makes it perfect for women with curly hair because it gives them more control over their styling. You can wear it straight or you can curl it using hot tools.

Overall, the lace front wig is a great option for women with curly hair because it allows them to control their hairstyle and look beautiful no matter what they decide to do with their curls. Water Wave Lace Front Wig

What is the Water Wave Lace Front Wig?

Water Wave Lace Front Wig is perfect for women with curly hair. The wig has a natural wave style that will give your curls movement and bounce. The Water Wave Lace Front Wig is also adjustable, so you can make sure it fits comfortably.

The Water Wave Lace Front Wig is perfect for women with curly hair. It has a lace front design that will give your hair a natural wave look. The wig is made of 100% human hair and is adjustable to fit most head sizes. The wig also comes with an adjustable band that allows you to customize the fit of the wig.


If you’re looking for a stylish, high-quality lace front wig that will give your hair a natural look, the Bodywave lace front wig is perfect for you. It features soft synthetic hair that feels great and looks amazing, and it comes in a variety of colors to perfectly match your wardrobe. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, the Bodywave lace front wig is sure to make an impression.

If you’re looking for a wig that will give you the perfect amount of curls, the Bodywave lace front wig is just what you need. Made from 100% human hair, this wig is soft to the touch and easy to put on. Plus, it comes with a flexible band that allows you to adjust it to your own hair size and shape. With so many amazing features at an affordable price, the Bodywave lace front wig is definitely worth considering!


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