Things to Consider Before Writing Your Dissertation Abstract


Things to Consider Before Writing Your Dissertation Abstract



After finalizing your dissertation, your next step is to write its abstract or short summary. Now the question that probably arises in your mind is, “what is meant by a dissertation abstract?” An abstract in a dissertation is a summary highlighting key points of your dissertation. It gives the readers the main idea about the research work that you plan on conducting in your dissertation. Usually, an executive summary and abstract are two different things. In academic publications, an abstract only defines your research, while the executive summary tells about the research and findings. In the dissertation abstract, both aspects are covered. This article will help you write the highest quality dissertation abstract that will attract readers to your thesis.

What is the purpose of writing a dissertation abstract?

The first purpose of writing your dissertation’s abstract is to convey your work’s main idea to the readers. The abstract needs to convey what your research is based upon and its causes and effects. After reading it, they will decide whether they will be interested to read it further or not. As your dissertation abstract contains keywords or phrases about your research, this helps the search engines rank your paper higher in the list. 

5 Things to Consider for Writing a Dissertation Abstract:

As you know the purpose of a good abstract, let’s talk about the main steps you need to follow in formulating a quality abstract for your dissertation that will get you the highest rank and praise in your field. A good dissertation abstract should consist of the following main points:

1. To describe the purpose and significance of your work:

Your abstract should briefly describe the purpose and significance of your work. It would be best to make it clear and precise for your reader. Identify and support your research, and show why it is important? It will create interest in your reader’s mind, and he will want to read it thoroughly. You must clearly state your research purpose to enhance the reader’s interest. However, if anything goes wrong, you may get UK dissertation help from a best dissertation writer.

2. Briefly explain your study’s methodology:

This part of your abstract should base on your study’s methodology. You have to briefly explain what method you used for your research questions. It usually answers the questions, what and how did you do it? You need to briefly describe which research methodology you applied and whether you used the qualitative or quantitative analysis approach. And how did you analyze the information of your research? 

3. Your key findings:

Key findings are your research’s main results that you found after conducting extensive experiments and performing different tests. A good abstract also shows information about your results. Like what did you find out after interpreting your results? And how do they answer your research question and solve the problem you were trying to address? 

4. Describing your research’s future impact:

Did you ever notice yourself reading a large report or dissertation and then struggling to figure out the significance of the outcomes or findings of the dissertation? This section of your dissertation abstract should highlight the “so what” of your research. For example, what is the impact of your results on the industry? And what is the impact of your results on your research? What are the consequences of your findings in the research area and the field? 

5. Make it simpler and be specific:

Your abstract should be easy to read and understand. Your reader is not an expert, and you must use easily understandable words. Don’t overload your abstract with difficult words; don’t use so many terminologies, and ensure you create an annotated bibliography. This attracts the readers and helps them understand the complex terms used within. 

While writing your abstract, clearly specify the main points of your research. A reader should be able to understand the key findings of your thesis or dissertation after reading the abstract. If your abstract is good enough to catch his interest, he will read your whole dissertation.

Useful techniques for writing your abstract:

While making an abstract, a writer needs to grab the reader’s attention about the research scope. A writer can use the most powerful technique. i.e. “put yourself in the shoes” of a potential reader. Here are some techniques you can follow while writing an abstract. 

Always start writing a dissertation while thinking about why I should read this dissertation? You should add WWHS questions in your abstract. 

WWHS means your abstract should consist of what, why, how, and so what of your research or findings. For example,

  • What did you do?
  • Why was it important?
  • How do you design or achieve your purpose?
  • So what are the implications of your results or findings?

Qualities of a good dissertation abstract: 

An abstract gives your reader a concise version of your work because most people don’t have enough time to read the entire dissertation, so they often leave it as it is TLDR “too long, didn’t read,”. It mostly indicates that the reader didn’t read an article as it was too long. An abstract summarises your research work and usually consists of one paragraph containing 150-300 words. Your dissertation abstract should be more appealing to readers so that it helps them decide whether to read the whole dissertation or not.


An abstract plays a very important role in any research work or thesis. The abstract is the main cover of your dissertation, and your book will be judged by its cover page, i.e. abstract. Or consider it as a display to sell your research to readers. It helps you get the right recognition that you need for your work. A dissertation requires a lot of effort and needs a lot of investment of one’s time in conducting research. After going through all methodologies and terminologies mentioned in this article about dissertation abstract writing, you will surely get your work recognized in the market. So a good dissertation abstract needs to meet all the requirements discussed in this article.

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