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Things to Consider Before Writing Your Dissertation Abstract



After finalizing your dissertation, your next step is to write its abstract or short summary. Now the question that probably arises in your mind is, “what is meant by a dissertation abstract?” An abstract in a dissertation is a summary highlighting key points of your dissertation. It gives the readers the main idea about the research work that you plan on conducting in your dissertation. Usually, an executive summary and abstract are two different things. In academic publications, an abstract only defines your research, while the executive summary tells about the research and findings. In the dissertation abstract, both aspects are covered. This article will help you write the highest quality dissertation abstract that will attract readers to your thesis.

What is the purpose of writing a dissertation abstract?

The first purpose of writing your dissertation’s abstract is to convey your work’s main idea to the readers. The abstract needs to convey what your research is based upon and its causes and effects. After reading it, they will decide whether they will be interested to read it further or not. As your dissertation abstract contains keywords or phrases about your research, this helps the search engines rank your paper higher in the list. 

5 Things to Consider for Writing a Dissertation Abstract:

As you know the purpose of a good abstract, let’s talk about the main steps you need to follow in formulating a quality abstract for your dissertation that will get you the highest rank and praise in your field. A good dissertation abstract should consist of the following main points:

1. To describe the purpose and significance of your work:

Your abstract should briefly describe the purpose and significance of your work. It would be best to make it clear and precise for your reader. Identify and support your research, and show why it is important? It will create interest in your reader’s mind, and he will want to read it thoroughly. You must clearly state your research purpose to enhance the reader’s interest. However, if anything goes wrong, you may get UK dissertation help from a best dissertation writer.

2. Briefly explain your study’s methodology:

This part of your abstract should base on your study’s methodology. You have to briefly explain what method you used for your research questions. It usually answers the questions, what and how did you do it? You need to briefly describe which research methodology you applied and whether you used the qualitative or quantitative analysis approach. And how did you analyze the information of your research? 

3. Your key findings:

Key findings are your research’s main results that you found after conducting extensive experiments and performing different tests. A good abstract also shows information about your results. Like what did you find out after interpreting your results? And how do they answer your research question and solve the problem you were trying to address? 

4. Describing your research’s future impact:

Did you ever notice yourself reading a large report or dissertation and then struggling to figure out the significance of the outcomes or findings of the dissertation? This section of your dissertation abstract should highlight the “so what” of your research. For example, what is the impact of your results on the industry? And what is the impact of your results on your research? What are the consequences of your findings in the research area and the field? 

5. Make it simpler and be specific:

Your abstract should be easy to read and understand. Your reader is not an expert, and you must use easily understandable words. Don’t overload your abstract with difficult words; don’t use so many terminologies, and ensure you create an annotated bibliography. This attracts the readers and helps them understand the complex terms used within. 

While writing your abstract, clearly specify the main points of your research. A reader should be able to understand the key findings of your thesis or dissertation after reading the abstract. If your abstract is good enough to catch his interest, he will read your whole dissertation.

Useful techniques for writing your abstract:

While making an abstract, a writer needs to grab the reader’s attention about the research scope. A writer can use the most powerful technique. i.e. “put yourself in the shoes” of a potential reader. Here are some techniques you can follow while writing an abstract. 

Always start writing a dissertation while thinking about why I should read this dissertation? You should add WWHS questions in your abstract. 

WWHS means your abstract should consist of what, why, how, and so what of your research or findings. For example,

  • What did you do?
  • Why was it important?
  • How do you design or achieve your purpose?
  • So what are the implications of your results or findings?

Qualities of a good dissertation abstract: 

An abstract gives your reader a concise version of your work because most people don’t have enough time to read the entire dissertation, so they often leave it as it is TLDR “too long, didn’t read,”. It mostly indicates that the reader didn’t read an article as it was too long. An abstract summarises your research work and usually consists of one paragraph containing 150-300 words. Your dissertation abstract should be more appealing to readers so that it helps them decide whether to read the whole dissertation or not.


An abstract plays a very important role in any research work or thesis. The abstract is the main cover of your dissertation, and your book will be judged by its cover page, i.e. abstract. Or consider it as a display to sell your research to readers. It helps you get the right recognition that you need for your work. A dissertation requires a lot of effort and needs a lot of investment of one’s time in conducting research. After going through all methodologies and terminologies mentioned in this article about dissertation abstract writing, you will surely get your work recognized in the market. So a good dissertation abstract needs to meet all the requirements discussed in this article.

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OP Malhotra class 11 solutions – Make Yourself Exam Ready



op malhotra class 11 solutions

Looking for an OP Malhotra class 11 solutions book? You’re in luck! We’ve got a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know about this popular book. In this guide, we’ll go over what makes the OP Malhotra class 11 solutions book so popular, what it covers, and how it can benefit you. We’ll also provide a brief overview of the contents of the book. So if you’re ready to learn more about this essential resource, read on!

What is the OP Malhotra class 11 solutions book?

The OP Malhotra class 11 solutions book is a comprehensive guide that covers all the topics in the Class 11 Mathematics syllabus. The book is written by experienced teachers and covers all the important topics in detail. The book also includes a large number of solved examples and practice questions to help students understand the concepts better.

What are some of the best features of this book?

This book has a lot of features that make it one of the best books for solving problems in physics. First, it is divided into sections by topic so you can easily find the solutions to the problems you are working on. Second, it contains a large number of worked examples that illustrate the methods used to solve various types of problems. Third, it includes a wide variety of practice problems at the end of each section so that you can test your understanding of the material. Finally, the book comes with a Solutions Manual that gives step-by-step solutions to all of the practice problems in the book.

What are the benefits of using this book?

There are several benefits of using the OP Malhotra class solutions book. Firstly, it provides students with a clear and concise step-by-step guide on how to solve various mathematical problems. Secondly, it covers a wide range of topics, from basic arithmetic to more advanced concepts such as calculus and algebra. This makes it an ideal resource for both students and teachers alike. Finally, the book is frequently updated with new editions released every few years, ensuring that its content remains relevant and up-to-date. And most importantly, Now with Digital access, you can buy this book from the best online bookstore India.

How to use the OP Malhotra class 11 solutions book?

The OP Malhotra class 11 solutions book is a great resource for students who are struggling with their mathematics studies. The book contains worked out solutions to all of the problems in the textbook, as well as a wealth of extra practice questions.

To get the most out of the book, students should first attempt to solve the problems on their own. If they get stuck, they can then consult the solutions in the book. It is important to read through the entire solution, and not just look at the final answer. This will help students understand how to approach similar problems in the future.

In addition to providing worked out solutions, the OP Malhotra class 11 solutions book also includes a variety of tips and tricks that can be used to solve mathematical problems more effectively. Students who make use of these resources will find that they are able to improve their grades and understanding of the subject matter significantly.

How to get the most out of this book?

This book is divided into two parts: Part I is a reference guide that covers the basics of solving problems, and Part II contains worked-out solutions to specific problems.

To get the most out of this book, start by reading Part I. This will give you a good understanding of the different types of optimization problems and how they can be solved. Once you have a firm grasp of the basics, move on to Part II and work through the solutions to the specific problems.

Keep in mind that there is no one perfect way to solve an optimization problem. The methods presented in this book are just some of the many ways that these problems can be tackled. So don’t be afraid to experiment and come up with your own methods – that’s part of the fun!


The OP Malhotra class 11 solutions book is a great resource for students who are preparing for their exams. It provides clear and concise solutions to all the questions in the textbook, which makes it an essential tool for revision. We hope that this article has helped you understand the contents of the book and why it is such a valuable resource for students.


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How To Complete Your Assignment On Time Faster



Due to several reasons, students often reach out to experts and ask for law assignment help services or other assistance.

Long gone are those days when pupils used to get too much time. Now they lead a busy life as they have to attend both college and tuition. Few students also work as a part-time employees.

As a result, students think that they will not be able to complete the paper within the deadline. Well, finishing the task is a cakewalk if you just follow a few steps. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  1. Start on time– Students need to understand that there is nothing known as the right time. Therefore, they need to start working on the paper as soon as they are receiving the task requirements.

It is suggested to not waste time at all by surfing the internet or scrolling through an Instagram feed. As soon as you receive all the requirements, start thinking about the topic followed by research.

Remember, collecting facts and data takes a lot of time so try to wrap it up as soon as possible.

  1. Have a dedicated study area– You will not be able to complete your task on time if the environment is not appropriate.

Students need to have proper study, which will help them complete the assignment within the right time.

Select such an area which is free from any kinds of distraction and which has access to direct sunlight. You may think that you will be able to work from anywhere, but it is not true at all.

Sitting on a sofa or bed will make you lazy and may make you procrastinate.

  1. Keep away from distractions– In 2022, it may sound impossible to keep yourself away from getting distracted. Either students are addicted to social media or TV.

When you are working on an urgent task try to keep yourself away from the things you are addicted to. It can be scrolling Facebook or it can be watching Netflix.

Always try to keep your phone away if you want to submit your essay/assignment within the due date.

  1. Time management skills– As a student, you may have to work on different kinds of tasks at the same time. Having strong time management skills will only help you to work on different kinds of tasks.

Remember that this skill will not just help you to complete the tasks within the deadline, but it will also help you to manage different things as an employee.

  1. Break down the task– It may sound tiring to work on an assignment of 4000 words. Well, you can make the task manager if you just break it down into small parts.

For example, you can write 500-600 days each day and still complete the essay/assignment within the deadline.

  1. Take breaks– Well, you may think that working continuously will help you to complete your essay within the right time. Students need to always take breaks in between work.

Working for hours without taking breaks will just make you stressed, and eventually, the quality of the task will get affected.

Try to take short breaks of 15-20 after writing for 1 hour straight. Remember, avoid using your phone or turn on the TV during breaks.

High chances are there that you will get distracted and forget you have work to do.

  1. Plan– Without this, you will not be able to complete any task within the due date. Make a routine and strictly follow it.

Proper planning will help you to proceed with the task in a systematic manner. If you are facing any issues or looking for assistance, you can always reach out to your instructor or online experts and ask for law assignment help services or guidance in other subjects

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Students To Help Them With Assignment Writing Task



Assignments are a daily task as a student. It requires you to work on your writing skills to produce better results over time. Though students get the option to seek college homework help but writing on your own inflicts a different set of joy in the long run. So here we have come up with 5 such daily habits that will make your assignment writing task nothing but a cakewalk. So carry on with your reading task to know more.


Work on your vocabulary

Strong vocabulary skills are always beneficial for your writing task. Experimenting with your word choice will not only make you convey feelings in a better way but also come up with quality work, making all the difference. You can include various habits in your routine and start working accordingly.

Start reading daily

Reading daily will help you work on your imagination skills, strengthen your vocabulary bank and develop new ideas fetching great results. Set aside an hour or half daily and start reading on any medium of your choice.

Work on your Writing skills

The best way to grow while writing is to proofread your own written part. Be an honest critique and mark out areas that require further work. While you are on a review spree, make sure to:

  • Be frank about the written content.
  • Try and work on the areas where you lag.
  • Edit out unnecessary content.
  • Do not paraphrase. Come up with ideas and content of your own.
  • Short down chunky paragraphs and eliminate lengthy sentences from your writing. This way, you can also make your final content more readable and straightforward to understand.

Stay positive to feedback

If you have a family member who is good with editing work, consult them for a quick review. Whether you are writing an assignment for school or it is a personal blog, getting it reviewed by a family or a friend will fetch great results in the long run.

Experiment with various writing styles

Writing is all about time and practice. You can never expect to produce high-quality content within a fortnight. While working on an essay for school, take up ideas that you are more passionate about.

Till now, we were only focused on “5 daily habits of students that can help you with assignment writing task”. So now its time to venture out into some of the daily habits of a successful student:

  • Remain organised: Maintaining a daily planner brings in desirable results. The more a person is aware of their daily schedule, the better will be their organising skills.
  • They act as per schedule: As per research, students who take enough breaks tend to produce better results than the rest. Choose between either working in a 90-minute block or a 60-minute block. Stick to a schedule that is relevant for you and motor accordingly.
  • Sleep well: Sleep well and sleep tight! Getting a good night’s sleep will help you make the right decision. Also, it will help you sharpen your focus and work on your memory overall.
  • Take notes: Make a habit of taking notes in class. These will help you come up with new ideas when framing an answer. Being successful has a lot to do with being consistent. Writing down notes daily will help you proactively work on that.
  • Go and study in groups: Find your tribe, fellow students with the same mindset and brainstorm on a complex topic. You can also take charge and start teaching others.
  • Manage your study space: Being successful takes time. You will have to work consistently and constantly on your daily schedule. Find your own space where you can work on your productivity skills, away from distractions. You can also go out and visit a local library and spend time among books.
  • Ask questions: The essential characteristic of a successful student is that they are always curious. Therefore, the more questions you ask, the more you can work upon your doubts and develop relevant content.

Final Thoughts

Although many professional services are available around daily assignments, like do my homework, English essay writers, Science homework help etc., it is always good to work on your writing style. We hope that the five critical points we have tried to elaborate on were helpful enough, making you produce the right type of content that stands out from the rest.


Author Bio: Charley Reiley is a professor of mathematics at the University of Birmingham in the UK. She also provides assignment help online to students at

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