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The Best Place to Advertise the Jeep for Sale



There’s a feeling that everyone has an opinion on the popular website for selling and buying. It’s free, simple to access, and accessible to millions of users daily (60 million monthly across the US alone). There are fraudulent and untrustworthy people on the website; however, that’s the only exception, not the norm. The majority of craigslist users are trustworthy and honest.

DO Provide Relevant Photos

The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is particularly true when selling your Best Taxi Toronto on Craigslist. But I’m not sure about the number of ads I’ve seen with no photos or only one or two photos of the vehicle’s exterior, and that’s all there is. Most people nowadays have a phone with an HD camera. I highly recommend that you take at minimum eight outside as well as interior images of your vehicle. I would also suggest a photo of the Odometer (buyers would like proof that what you’re claiming about the mileage is accurate). Take pictures of any damages.

Do List Your Car at A Reasonable And Fair Price

What’s a fair, affordable price? Check out one of the appraisal websites, such as Kelley Blue Book, NADA, or Edmunds, and request an appraisal. If you don’t have the time to complete this easy step, you’ll be unable to sell your vehicle. One fool who lives in Phoenix is currently offering a $4000 higher price for his Jeep Wrangler than the current Blue Book price. 

DO Include A Thorough Outline

I frequently see ads that only provide one sentence about the vehicle, and that’s all. This is fine; it can help you get your ads published faster; however, it reduces your chances of obtaining the sale quickly. Buyers need the information to assist them in separating excellent vehicles from the bad. So be patient and give an extensive paragraph about the car’s past, including any modifications or repairs you’ve done and any current issues.

DO Clean Your Vehicle

A few years ago, my wife and I gazed at a disgusting, smelly, poor-looking vehicle still covered in fast food wrappers and old French fries lying on the backseat floor. It was evident that the car wasn’t cleaned before the time the sloppy fool presented the vehicle to us. We did not buy that car and purchased another. 

Also, the Jeep I bought recently was not well-maintained either. The vehicle was covered in bird droppings over the top of the car, a shabby dashboard carpet that looked like glue everywhere on the dash, a worn-out hard top, and dog hair trapped in the carpet. I could see past these issues to find the positives. However, I’d have paid a bit more had the owner spent the time to make the vehicle more attractive.

DO Respond To Inquiries

A significant pet, my pet peeve. Be friendly and answer any questions regarding your car. Responses don’t seem too much of a problem for people who text, but they concern those who prefer to conduct business using email. You often don’t receive a response; even if you get one, it’s a couple of days later. This is highly frustrating. The most important thing is to answer every question promptly, whether by email, phone, or text.

DO Offer A Price For The Service

It seems like this should be an easy decision, but there’s a person located in Phoenix who is looking to market his vehicle without offering a price. His advertisement states that he’s invest more than $34,000 in his car. Buyers must guess about the cost, and who wants to play an unintentional waiting game on Craigslist?

Don’t Put Your Salvage Title Vehicle In or Near Blue Book

This is in line with the second. I am tire of people who have Salvage or Rebuilt-title vehicles trying to sell for $1,000 less than Blue Book and claim it’s a good deal. IT’S NOT! As per Consumer Reports, cars with Salvage or Rebuilt titles can fetch 50 % of Blue Book and sometimes less. 

DO NOT Lie or Lie Regarding Your Problems with Your Car

If you have any issues with the Jeep for Sale, you should mention these in your ad. People appreciate honesty. Upfront about your concerns can help create trust. Trust is crucial if you wish to sell your car.

DO NOT Sell Your Car to A Buyer

Of course, first come, first served does apply; however, be mindful of those traveling a long distance to purchase your item. This scenario came to me a few years ago while I was selling the KZ Frontier travel trailer to an individual from Salt Lake City, a distance of 650 miles. 

Do Not Put Your Craigslist Advert Online until You’ve Sold Your Car

It’s probably been experience by all of us at one point or another and is one of my pet hates. You search for a couple of hours and find what you’re seeking. You’re elate. You message the owner about his gorgeous truck, only to find out it was sold a couple of weeks ago. What!! Look!

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