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The 5 Best Platforms to Create Your Online Resume



Making your resume is a fundamental step in any job search. Some prefer to use word processing tools like Word or PowerPoint to adapt templates downloaded from the Internet. Others opt for online CV creation tools. The latter is much easier to use and saves us considerable time. You fill in the data in the different sections, and the tool takes care of the design and formatting.

In addition to providing a fairly extensive library of templates, these platforms offer a very user-friendly interface to upload your data, add a photo, preview your CV live and download it in different formats or share them directly on the recruitment websites.

This article presents the best sites to create a free online CV, with or without registration.


The 5 best platforms to create an online resume for free


Discover below our selection of the best sites to make your CV online:




With over 1000 free templates and easy and intuitive editing features, Canva is the best resume builder site online. In addition to the modern design, Canva has created templates suitable for all industries. You fill in your contact information, professional experience, skills, and academic course on the dedicated form, and Canva takes care of the formatting. Once you’ve finished designing your resume, you can download it in PDF, PNG, and JPEG formats or share it directly.

You can also get advanced features for 60 days free with Canva Pro. This gives you a much more extensive catalog of CV templates with a unique and professional design. In addition, you can download your CV in high resolution and different formats, quickly upload and modify your existing CV in PDF format, add color palettes, save the history of modifications, etc.




Very similar to Canva, DesignCap offers many templates specially designed for different sectors and jobs. It has a clean, uncluttered, and easy-to-use interface. CV creation is done in a few simple steps. First, you choose the template that best suits the targeted position. Then you fill in the data for the different sections. Then you choose your colors and fonts. Finally, click on the “Download” button to retrieve your CV in JPG image format. You can also upload images from your device, add graphics or backgrounds, share your CV, etc.




Thanks to a simplified interface and easy handling, DoYouBuzz helps you save time and get straight to the point. The resume writing interface is made up of exciting features located on the left pad. For example, you can choose a layout, adjust headings, insert tables and graphs, choose templates, modify and customize section titles, etc.

In addition, you can check the quality of your CV, download it for free or upload it directly to recruitment sites. You may be charged if you want to get more powerful features.


If you want to create a free, simple, and classic resume, is for you. The app will help you create a free and professional CV to apply for a job in minutes. You will find a dozen templates designed according to recruiters’ expectations. With its drag and drop system, you can move, activate or deactivate the different CV sections and add new sections. The section titles, as well as the various fields, are also customizable.

The guest user option allows you to create your CV without having an account, possibly modifying it for 48 hours.




With several predefined models, Novoresume allows you to create a CV adapted to each trade and at each level. In addition, the resume templates offered are ATS compatible. Your CV will not be automatically rejected for lack of form, layout, or structuring. The resume builder walks you through every writing step while recommending improvements.

The service is free with a premium option to create more CVs and cover letters and add more customization options.




Are you going to find your fancy job? If so, you can check these tools to create your resume. Start your first step, and grab the opportunity for your career.

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