Welcome to the World of SLASHY - A Classic Puzzle Game


Welcome to the World of SLASHY – A wonderful Game Journey



Are you sitting on your couch, wondering how best to spend your idle time, or maybe going through all the gaming apps on your phone hoping to find something interesting? Well, let me be at your rescue like a true Ninja. So, put all your worries down, and come get a taste of casual gaming on your smartphone with Camel Motion’s new Slashy.

What is Slashy??

This fun and engaging puzzle game is just the right dose of entertainment for you.  With its simple design and easy gameplay, it attracts both young and old. And what’s more? You need not use all of your mental faculties to play this game, so you can play right from the comforts of your home, and probably, the couch you are sitting on right now. So, welcome to the mind-blowing world of Slashy. Come! Let us explore the puzzle land.

What happens in the world of Slashy?

Quite a lot goes on in this game. With over 300 levels, this game lets you burst discs by placing slices on top of them. This sounds pretty simple and easy. However, as you progress through the game, the level of difficulty also increases to make your experience more exciting. This happens in the form of discs and their divisions in this puzzle game Slashy.

So, let me simplify this for you.

  •       You put the slices available on top of the discs.
  •       You arrange the slices according to their shapes and sizes.
  •       The “coming up” feature lets you avail yourself of the desired slice.
  •       You burst discs after placing all the slices on them.

Levels of Difficulty:

Games aren’t as much fun if there aren’t any factors of excitement to keep you hooked and engaged. That includes the progressive difficulty levels in the game. Let us see how that works.

  • In the first level, there are only 3 discs available at your disposal. They increase at every odd level.
  •  The discs increase to 4 at the third level.
  •  On levels 2 and 4, the discs available to you are 3 and 4.
  •  This continues until the discs are 8 on level 11.
  •  Again, from level 13 onwards, the number of discs is back to 3, and this continues to increase in the same fashion. 

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 Let the fun ball roll!

The discs in this puzzle game move. Just like our solar system, these discs spin on their own axis and even revolve as you climb further up in levels. They revolve in an anti-clock fashion, while they rotate clockwise. This interesting part here is that the speed at which they spin increases as you move up the ladder of levels. Mind you, there are over 300 levels in this game.

 Attractive Themes in your Disposal:

Slashy comes up with three striking themes or backgrounds for you to enhance your whole gaming experience. Let’s check them out.

  •       Default Theme: If you wish to keep it plain and simple, and yet classy, this theme is perfect for you. The default theme has a tinge of sky blue in the background, so it isn’t a lot for your eyes, and you can concentrate on the game more.
  •       Night Theme: If you love contrast, this is probably it. This Van Gogh-ish theme has a starry night in the background with a mild tinge of purple. This actually is quite soothing to the eyes and helps you focus on the game.
  •       Nature Theme: A gorgeous mountain with a river flowing by is what nature lovers need while playing the game. It feels refreshing to have this theme set as you play.

Motley Collection of Props:

The makers of this game have made sure to cater to your gaming needs as best as possible. With that said, they have introduced a variety of compelling props which you can unlock after every 12th level. This lets you choose from the many options available to proceed in the game. Some of the props are-

  •       Football
  •       Vinyl record
  •       Compact disc
  •       Orange slice
  •       Pizza
  •       Clock
  •       Slice of Kiwi
  •       Diamond
  •       Crystal ball, etc.

Aren’t these really awesome?

The Magic Weapon:

Do you recall Thor’s hammer? Well, here, it isn’t quite like Thor’s hammer, but this magic hammer gives you the power to help yourself out whenever you are stuck. You will find 3 hammers that allow you to even up the slices to the required shape which are then placed on the discs to burst them.

You can always claim more hammers by watching promotional videos each time you run out of them. 

 Some Restrictions in the Way:

There happens to be a limited number of move-sets to complete a level. If the given move sets run out, the game will be over. But don’t let that scare you. You will get rid of these limited move-sets once you are done with level 49. From then on, a timer will replace the move-sets. This timer continues until you are on level 96, following which the move-sets will be back.


Hey, Hope you will learn about SLASHY from the technologies-news website. visit us for more stuff.  Isn’t that all exciting and fun? Slashy, truly, is a refreshing casual game that can certainly both entertain and engage you. It’s time you get your hands on it from the App Store and start playing away!


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