Skip Tracing Accuracy and Challenges [Useful Tips 2022]


Skip Tracing Accuracy and Challenges [Useful Tips 2022]



Skip Tracing is the best way to find someone’s contact information. While sitting in your home, you see an unknown person and make a deal with him. Skip Tracing has changed the pattern of real estate. Investors tired of looking at someone’s home can now get the whole data while sitting in their own homes. That’s the power of Skip Tracing, and it has made life easy for many investors.

But there are some challenges from which a person can never withdraw. He has to face the challenges, and Skip Tracing can also be a challenging field when you don’t act upon the required terms. So this article will state those challenges and accuracy percentages when performing Skip Tracing for your real estate business.

Skip Tracing can be accurate and challenging if you don’t take precautions. At first, we will discuss the accuracy method, and then we will address the accuracy format. So be ready!

Skip Tracing Accuracy

When you buy leads or send leads to a skip tracer to verify them, that skip tracer never visits everyone’s address. That skip tracer has applied some formulas to know the percentage of that lead. If that lead’s percentage number is good, that skip tracer enters that lead in the spreadsheet and asks you to try your luck. Now, which skip tracers give accurate leads? That’s the question that arises in an investor’s mind.

According to Lert Skip Tracing, 80% of leads are accurate if you follow the right skip tracer through branded websites. Now branded websites mean big websites that are stable in this industry. You can’t follow an unknown website that is newly established. You need to follow the websites having a good reputation in the market.

You don’t have to look at the reviews and testimonials page because creating powerful reviews is no longer a problem. These days heavy applications have arrived, and people are creating reviews. So don’t believe blindly in those reviews. Either see the live work. Because of this competition, some websites are offering a free demo.

If you are a big investor, you should grab this opportunity because, in these 200 leads, you could get one deal if that website is good. If you have found a hen in these 200 leads, that website can help you close deals in 1000-5000 leads. That’s the pattern mostly followed by the investors of 2022.

To find accuracy, you need to work with a trusted website. Finding a trusted website is very easy. The website we listed below is also a trustworthy platform owned by Mark Allen. He runs this agency and provides leads related to real estate. He has a good background in Fiverr, and people love working with him.

How To Find Skip Tracing Websites Providing Accurate Information?

Finding a website that acts on your thinking is hard because the internet is stuffed with numerous websites. The shortcut way to find these types of website is as follow:

  1. The website’s age is old.
  2. The website’s trust rating is good.
  3. The website’s review and testimonial page are filled with some real-looking feedback.

These are the 3 things you need to consider before working with any skip tracing company. If that company’s profile fulfills these 3 marks, you are good to go. But if it doesn’t fill this mark, then it’s useless. I’ll explain this right now. 

Companies Providing Low-Quality Leads in Skip Tracing

Numerous companies are available in the market. Some of them have websites, and others are operating through their offices. You must first look at the website’s rating to identify these companies.

First, you must visit the reviews and testimonial page to find such websites. Give a close look at them and see if they have filled their website with some fake reviews. If that website is filled with fake reviews, don’t work with them because applications have made this review very easy. Try to find the websites providing real views. You can also ask them to show the results of previous clients they worked with. If they have real reviews, they must have got the client messages.

So that’s how you find the website providing real reviews. If they answer every question, you should work with them. Otherwise, look for any other company or website online. That’s the first process of identifying a website’s authority. If you do not follow this guide, you’ll waste your money on some low-quality leads. And low-quality leads mean no conversions either done with skip tracing or cold calling.

The second thing you must look at is the social profile of that company. Almost every skip tracing company owns Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. Visit their profiles and see if they have good community reviews. If the reviews are good, your money will remain safe and get accurate information. Accurate information means no time and money wastage, which will drive quality deals and more money.


So that’s how you can identify a company before working with it. If that company answers every question, you should work with them or take these precautions and find a suitable one. If you have any questions about this topic, you can ask us by dropping a comment in our website’s comments section.

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