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Sar Pass Trek The Great Guide





Sar Pass trek will let you, the voyager, experience everything, beginning from trekking through woodlands of pine and forests of rhododendrons, to setting up camp in the high-elevation Grahan Village. The trek permits the takers to observe the Himalayas canvassed in lavish greens and flawless white in Kasol, a little town roosted at the level of 1580m in Parvati Valley, situated in the Kullu. The Sar Pass trek is acquiring ubiquity as a #1 among those looking for experience in Kasol or Kullu.


The Sar Pass Trek trouble level is simple to direct, with a normal trekking distance of 7-9 km each day, and normal time spent trekking goes as long as 7 hours. The temperature during the trek changes from 0 degrees to – 20 degrees, contingent significantly upon whether it is night or day. Indeed, even little factors like whether you are under the shade or in direct daylight can fundamentally affect your internal heat level for the thrilling Sar Pass Trek. Try to adhere to your trekking master’s directions and capitalise on this wonderful excursion.


Trekking excursion to Sar Pass will begin from the Kasol headquarters. On the very first moment of trekking you will travel to Grahan Village, which is one of the delightful towns in Parvati Valley. The trek course to Grahan Village from Kasol goes through the rich green backwoods of Pinewood, Deodars and Rhododendrons. It is an incessant path utilised by local people. It will take 4-5 hrs to arrive at Grahan Village. Till night you will arrive there.


During this undertaking, you can encounter the cordiality of Grahan Village for two evenings, either in a guesthouse/hold up or as a feature of a homestay. Aside from this, you likewise have the choice of involvement setting up camp at Grahan Village for the two evenings! Partake in the life changing experience of setting up camp under the stars!


On the second day of Sar Pass Trekking, experience the most phenomenal dawn from the Grahan Village camping area and in the wake of preparing you will be a trek to Mung Thach. Again it is the most lovely trek you will insight during the trekking.  Following day your trekking will begin from Mung Thach to Nagaru. The fourth day of trekking will be the main day when you will encounter Sar Pass. Subsequent to encountering this lovely spot, your day fourth will finish up at Biskeri. 


About Location


The valley Parvati, Kullu locale, Himachal Pradesh is one of the most lovely valleys which is loaded with normal marvels. It is likewise renowned among trekkers from one side of the Planet to the other. There are different trek courses in Parvati Valley where the most preferred and brave way is – ” Sar Pass Trek”. There is an explanation for the name of Sar Pass. As per local people, the lake is alluded to as “Sar” in their nearby language. While on the way from Tila Lotni to Biskeri span you will pass through the frozen lake. It is one of the most famous treks in the Shivalik mountain ranges. This trek is difficult for the strength of trekkers. It is one of the great elevation treks in Himachal Pradesh.


The speciality of this trek course is that each spot you will pass through is the most gorgeous spot. All through the trekking, you will be in wonderment. The Sar Pass Trek level is 13,850 feet above ocean level which makes it a high elevation trek. The headquarters to begin trekking is Kasol headquarters. Kasol is likewise a famous traveller place and furthermore known as “Scaled down Israel of Himalayas”.  One more speciality of Kasol is that it is close to another traveller objective, for example Manikaran and Barshaini. Manikaran is where two religions Hinduism and Sikhism juncture where Barshaini is popular as the base town for kheer Ganga trekking.


All areas are generally pleasant and enough to extinguish the thirst of photography.


Exercises to Do

The fundamental action while getting to Sar Pass is Trekking. Another occasion is exploring nature, bird watching and photography. This multitude of Villages you will pass through are remote. So by having set up camp, there will be the most gorgeous experience. There you can encounter the most astounding perspectives on the universe. A full bill feeling will stay all throughout trekking. Catch every one of the minutes and grand perspectives for the lifetime memory, so at whatever point required, you can call them through photos. While trekking at the higher elevations, you will encounter numerous intriguing types of Himalayan birds which makes the trekking fascinating.


Step By Step Instructions To Get There

There are three methods for coming to at the Kasol for Sar Pass Trekking:


Via Air

The closest air terminal is Bhuntar Airport which is the just and significant air terminal of the Kullu Manali locale. It is emphatically associated with Delhi air terminal and all around associated with all significant air terminals by means of Delhi. The departures from Delhi are at standard stretches. The distance between Kasol and Bhuntar Airport is 32 km, so from that point you can board on the public authority/confidential transport, or you can recruit a confidential traveller taxi. It will barely require one hour to arrive at Kasol.


Via Train

The closest Railway station is Chandigarh which is 310 km away. There are Volvo and different transports accessible to Kasol so pick as needs be. From that point you can likewise employ a confidential taxi, yet that will be a somewhat costly choice.


By Road

This is the most ideal choice to arrive at Kasol. On the off chance that you are wanting to reach from Delhi, you can board on the transport from ISBT or Majnu ka Tilla Bus Stand. The distance between Delhi and Kasol is 517 Km, and it will take 12-13 hrs so by the short-term venture you will arrive at Kasol in the first part of the day. It is exhorted that Chandigarh will be more reasonable for the street venture on the grounds that in contrast with Delhi distance is less. For example 310 Km it will take 8-9 hrs to reach. From Sector-43 ISBT you can board the public authority transport.


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