How To Recycle Old Phones And Computers?


How To Recycle Old Phones And Computers?



Everybody experiences this when their computer, smartphone, or other electronic equipment stops serving their needs. For example, everybody keeps one or more outdated phones in the back of a drawer. You may have shifted to a laptop while your old PC is still under a desk. Fortunately, numerous options exist to recycle outdated phones, computers, PC components, and other electronic devices.

Why Recycling Is Necessary

There are many reasons why this is such a problem.


  • Mercury, lead, zinc, nickel, barium, cadmium, and chromium are some dangerous metals found in electronics.
  • These dangerous compounds could seep into the groundwater if e-waste is dumped in landfills. When the trash is burned, the air is contaminated.
  • Extreme health issues, including cancer and damage to the brain and immune systems, can affect people who reside close to e-waste sites.
  • However, valuable materials like copper, silver, gold, tin, and titanium are also abundant in electronics and may be recycled and used again.

How to Recycle your Desktop, Laptop

It’s simpler than it might appear to responsibly get rid of your outdated technology. Government-sponsored recycling programs, nonprofit organizations, and even independent companies will accept your used equipment. They are unlikely to accept unsafe products, nevertheless.

You can recycle your cell phones or your computer on these websites. tokopediaweb

Best Buy

Best Buy takes a wide variety of tech equipment and often accepts three things per household daily. But, of course, depending on where you live, specifics could change.


Best Buy also offers a haul-away service for more oversized items like TVs, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves, treadmills, and exercise bikes. Additionally, when you order a new article from Best Buy, they will remove and recycle your old one. Also offered is a solitary haul-away option. You can have two huge objects and multiple smaller objects hauled away with a few restrictions.


Staples also offers free recycling services for old electronics. A customer can only bring in a total of seven items per day to Staples. Additionally, the company provides pallet collection, haul-away options, and prepaid address label driver pickup. creativeyedesign

Accessories, adapters, cables, laptops, cordless and mobile phones, tablets, webcams, ink and toner, and other office technology can all be recycled at Staples.

Home Depot

On its website, Home Depot provides guidelines for upcycling and repurposing and instructions for safely discarding dead batteries, electronics, and other goods. The services are exclusively available to residential clients via drop-off.

Home Depot accepts rechargeable household batteries, cell phones, and LEDs in addition to standard alkaline batteries.


Amazon gives gift cards for laptops and cellphones or even every kind of electronics. In addition, some products might qualify for a one-time promotional credit that can be applied to a new qualified Amazon device.

Apple’s GiveBack

Apple’s GiveBack program offers $1,530 in gift cards or in-store credit for eligible products. Additionally, the business will accept and discard any item that is not eligible.

Donate your Device

A charity or nonprofit out there would be pleased to take your used device off your hands, even if it doesn’t operate in many circumstances. Here are a few initiatives that can assist you in distributing your used technology to those in need.

Dell Reconnect

According to the website, Dell Reconnect is a collaboration with Goodwill that takes “just about anything that can be connected to a computer”. Used electronics can be donated at participating Goodwill shops.

The World Computer Exchange

The World Computer Exchange is dedicated to bringing digital devices to underdeveloped nations and promoting responsible recycling and reusing devices. In addition, it gives communities worldwide use of computers and a wide range of other technology.


You may sell your used electronics (or anything else) on eBay for Charity and contribute some or all of the revenues to the charity of your choice.


Old devices like laptops and cell phones take up the room but should not be thrown away without using the proper recycling methods. Hence you can recycle or donate them with the methods mentioned above.

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