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What Fans Need to Know About Raunak Mehta’s Age, Net Worth



Raunak Mehta is the husband of the famous Indian artist Deepika Kakkar. The duration of their happily married life was from 2013 to 2015. He was conceived and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra, living with his family in Noida. He was a happy man and made friends everywhere. There is no accurate information on the web regarding Raunak Mehta’s relatives and family members. However, some sources say he is very close to his family and would not pass up the opportunity to invest energy. During his school days, he had great friends who were always there for him whenever he wanted. In this post, we will discuss Raunak Mehta age, wife, career, and other details that most people want to know about him.

Biography of Raunak Mehta:

Raunak finished his studies and continued from Noida. He studied aviation at the National Aeronautics Center in Noida to pursue his imagination. Raunak later moved to Texas for higher education and completed a master’s degree in aviation. His star sign is a Libra. Raunak Mehta is an ordinary human who dreams big.

Early Childhood and Educational Details:

Raunak is a Libra. Raunak Mehta is an ordinary man with big dreams. Also, he realized his fantasy of becoming a famous Indian pilot. Raunak finished his studies and moved from Noida. He did a BSc in Aeronautics at the National Aeronautics Center in Noida to pursue his fantasy. Then, at this point, Raunac moved to Texas for higher education, where he earned a master’s degree in aviation.

He never missed an opportunity that came to practice his sharpness and flying skills. Raunak Mehta took many training courses to strengthen his skills. He is a talented person with various abilities. Raunak even participates in conversations on campus and outside his area of ​​interest. After getting all the information and preparing himself, he fulfilled his fantasy of becoming a prolific pilot in India.

Girlfriend or Wife Details of Raunak Mehta:

After marriage, his views became controversial in the media and news. They lived happily together until their separation. In 2015, they announced their separation. There is no clear explanation for his happy life, but after this episode, he was consulted by many associations. Deepika says she changed after marriage.

Another conversation separates them: Deepika has an illegal relationship with her partner Shoaib. Together they shot a TV series called Sasural Simar Ka. Many people say that this is the purpose of their breakup. The media gets information about the company, and he tries to run away from it, But can not. Gradually, he had to desperately adapt.

The famous Indian artist Deepika Kakkar is his wife. They met on Jet Airways and worked together before getting married. Deepika is an artist, so the media should follow suit. He had to keep their relationship a secret from the public; however, it hit the media in 2013 when they decided to get married.

Weight, Body Measurements, and Physical Appearance of Raunak Mehta:

Raunak is 6.2 feet tall and looks great when hanging out with friends. He usually likes to maintain his unique presence in front of various people. His weight is 76 kg, and he trains regularly to maintain it. He relied on a solid diet. He takes his diet seriously, apart from being busy, which he uses to make time for exercise and yoga to maintain his health. People love to see him because he also has a fantastic personality.

Raunak’s shoe number is 9, and he likes to wear formal shoes. He spent most of his time in authentic shoes and remained calm when walking out. Raunak Mehta has over 100 matching shoes, and her partner loves the collection. Raunak likes to buy new shoes every month when he can shop. She has beautiful black eyes and beautiful black hair.

Net Worth of Raunak Mehta:

As mentioned above, Raunak Mehta works as a pilot, so his salary can vary from 77,000 to 1,000. He also received various incentives from the government. However, we know nothing about Raunak Mehta’s net worth. Besides, we didn’t count them. Therefore, please do not ask for complete asset information. If you want more information about Raunak Mehta’s age, net worth, or beyond, you can visit sites like Past News.


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