Living With COPD - The Importance Of Having A Support Group


Living With COPD – The Importance Of Having A Support Group



When the majority of the healthy people in your life, including your family, friends, and coworkers, seem to take the basic act of breathing in and out for granted, it can make someone with COPD feel isolated.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Is A Chronic Condition That Accompanies Breathing Difficulties That Can Be Mild To Severe. The American Lung Association States That It Is The Third-Leading Cause Of Death In The United States. Because Of This Reason, It Is Essential To Seek Pulmonary Rehabilitation Where You Can Learn Breathing Techniques For COPD, Among Other Things, To Manage Your Symptoms Better.

The Treatment Isn’t Straightforward And Can Take A Toll On The Individual’s Mental Health. Fortunately, There Are Support Groups For People With COPD That Can Not Only Help You Understand Your Condition Better But Also Give You The Strength To Make Necessary Adjustments To Improve Your Treatment Outcomes. michaelkorssitesaleonline

Why Are Support Groups For People With COPD Important?

Finding Support Is Critical When Managing A Chronic Condition Such As COPD Is Critical. While Your Family And Friends Can Help You In Numerous Ways, Your Support Group Can Help Educate You About Managing Situations You May Have Never Encountered. In Addition, They Can Also Teach You New Ways To Approach Situations You May Not Have Thought of Before.

Several Reports Suggest That People With COPD Incur Tremendous Benefits From Being Part Of A Support Group. Support Groups Usually Allow Them To –

● Learn More About Their Condition
● Feel Understood By People Who Have To Deal With Similar Challenges
● Hear Stories That Are Relatable
● Find Out Tips And Hacks That Can Improve Their Life With COPD
● Stay Regular With Pulmonary Rehabilitation Exercises
● Quit Smoking
● Feel Less Afraid And Happier

In-Person Support Groups Offer A Forum To Connect With People And Discuss Your COPD Experiences. You And Other Members Are Also Encouraged To Ask Questions About The Same Subject. Usually, These Groups Meet At Medical Centers, Hospitals, And Rehabilitation Centers.

A Moderator Leads The Group, Steering The Conversation In One Direction. Usually, This Individual Is Qualified And Trained To Work With Individuals With COPD.

The first important thing to do when looking for a support group is to talk to your doctor about one. If You’re Part Of A Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, You Will Have Access To A COPD Support Group And Counselling Services To Deal With Your Mental Health.

Because Of The COVID-19 Pandemic, Most Support Groups For COPD Have Become Virtual To Maintain Health And Safety. However, Some In-Person Groups And Events Are Still Operational, In Case You Want To Join.

How Can You Find A Support Group On Social Media?

If You’re Home-Bound Or Prefer A Support Group At Your Home, You Can Look At The Digital Space To Find The Right Support Group.

Facebook Groups Are An Excellent Way To Connect With People With COPD And Similar Experiences. If You Enter “Lung Disease” Or “COPD” In The Search Bar, You Can Find Several Private Groups. Hashtags, Such As #Copd, #Oxygentherapy, And #Lungdisease, Can Also Help You Explore Groups On Social Media. Here Are A Few Support Groups You May Want To Check Out On Facebook –

● COPD Information And Support
● COPD Warriors
● COPD Support
● Let’s Talk COPD

Because Most Of These Groups Are Private, You’ll Have To Send A Request To Join Till The Moderator Accepts Your Request. travelworldinfo

How Can Your Family & Friends Help You?

Your Core Group Of Friends, Family, And Healthcare Providers Can Also Provide The Necessary Support, Particularly On Tough Days. However, It Is Crucial You’re Specific About What You Need From Them To Make Sure They’re On The Same Page. Here Are Some Of The Things You Might Want To Consider Asking Your Support Group For Help –

● Taking You Or Going Along With You To Your Doctor’s Appointments
● Making Notes Of Medical Appointments And Healthcare Provider’s Instructions
● Reminding You To Take Your Medications On Time
● Reminding You To Refill Medications Or Helping You Set Up Automatic Refills At Your Pharmacy
● Helping You With Household Chores Or Running Errands, Such As Cleaning, Cooking, Grocery Shopping, Etc.
● Making Items In Your Household More Accessible To You, Such As Setting Up Your Room On The Ground Floor Or Rearranging Your Cabinets And Cupboards
● Checking In With You Regularly To Make Sure You’re Doing Okay And Following Your Prescribed Routine

Wrapping Up

Life With COPD Comes With Daily Challenges, And A Support Group Can Play An Integral Role In Helping You Feel More Understood By People Around You. It Also Allows You To Stay In Control Of Your Well-Being And Quality Of Life. While Your Pulmonary Rehab Program Comes With A Support Group, You May Want To Continue Being Part Of A Support Group After Your Program Ends. Fortunately, There Are Many Online Forums That Are Inexpensive Or Free That You Can Try To Feel And Stay well.

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