Key Reasons to Earn a CCNA Certification


Key Reasons to Earn a CCNA Certification




CCNA is an abbreviation for Cisco Certified Network Associate. Cisco offers various technical certifications for networking professionals. The CCNA certification has become the most widely recognized IT credential globally. 

What is the CCNA (Certified Cisco Network Associate) designation?

The CCNA certification program is meant to assist people in improving, enhancing, and evaluating their networking skills. The certification verifies the holder’s ability to set up, secure, run, and troubleshoot the enterprise networks. Professionals with this Cisco certification have a thorough understanding of networking principles. 

Is the CCNA Certification Necessary?

Yes! Even if you are a graduate with a first-class or a grade point average of above 90%, your grades do not demonstrate that you have exceptional hands-on IT skills.

Employers everywhere are forced to make decisions based on limited information. They will be confident that you have acquired expertise in the IT industry if they see this authentic certification in your portfolio.

Another important fact is that if you are one of two candidates nominated for a difficult IT job and both of you possess similar work experience, the one with the CCNA certificate will win! In short, it also helps you to stand out from the crowd.

This certification will help you in enhancing your learning curve and gaining recognition.

One must look out for a CCNA certificate for the following reasons-

Career Advancement and raise in salary:

Including certificates on your CV (curriculum vitae) can help you advance your career. Because the CCNA certification is globally recognized, your work will apply practically anywhere you go. Once you earn your certification, you might even get a raise.

The Cisco Learning Network is a community for professional development. It’s a vast community of Cisco developers working for certifications. 

Employer Advantages:

Any employer will affirm that certified experts are qualified to operate in the highly competitive information technology industry. A certification proves to an employer that you have the information and abilities they require.

Employers are on the lookout for the most qualified applicants.

  • Cisco certified personnel add more value to their businesses and are more knowledgeable than non-Cisco certified job applicants, according to 93 percent of employers worldwide.
  • Cisco partners are only allowed to hire employees who have earned the CCNA certification. As a result, many firms consider Cisco certification to be a must.

All of these factors clearly indicate that after you obtain the same, you will be “in-demand” in the IT sector — immediately!

Diverse CCNA-certified job roles include:

With this certificate certification, you can apply for jobs like Information Technology Manager, Information Technology Director, Systems Engineer, Network Administrator, System Administrator, Senior System Engineer, Network Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, Senior Systems Engineer, Information Technology Specialist, and so on.

Certification can help you with the network revolution’s digitalization:

The dynamics of technology are currently undergoing a considerable transformation due to digitalization. This change has an impact on network infrastructure as well.

Businesses should opt for programmable network design instead of manually operating traditional networks. A programmable network design must include automation, analytics, cloud service management, virtualization, extensibility, and openness.

As a result, IT networking specialists who wish to advance must make this transition. Cisco DNA, or digital network architecture, allows you to use the network’s current capabilities while also supporting you in aligning with it.

The CCNA exam cost generally ranges from $330-$370, depending on what level you are applying for. The higher range for this CCNA certification cost can also exceed $600-$750. To begin with, from entry-level, to associate, to professional, to expert, to the specialist, and reaching partner level exams, the CCNA exam fees will definitely differ. 


To conclude, the certification’s key focus is on building essential skills to match today’s sophisticated networking environment and its rapid rollout of technologies. It assists the networking specialists in keeping the present skills and knowledge current. The certificate broadens the job prospects in the networking industry. It will aid in the development of the credential holder’s career, promotions, and new work prospects with larger pay packages. CCNA certification acts as a building block toward other Cisco networking courses. It has global acceptance and keeps you updated with all upcoming technologies.

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