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Johnny Depp’s 87 Rings: The Man Who Was Slapped



It was a photo that everyone wanted to see. Johnny Depp sporting an astounding 87 rings, each one a flashy showpiece. Who could blame him? The man is famously extravagant, and who wouldn’t love to wear something like that? The trouble began, however, when the photo started circulating online without context. It turns out that Depp had purchased the rings—which run in the thousands of dollars each—from the Liberian warlord Charles Taylor. Depp has since issued a statement apologizing for his actions and stating that he will be donating the money he received from Taylor to charity. And while this may not be the end of the story, it’s an important lesson to learn about how your actions can have far-reaching consequences. So remember: what you do speaks louder than anything else johnny depp rings .

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Johnny Depp has long been known for his eccentricity, most notably his extensive collection of bizarre and fantastical jewelry. But what many people don’t know is that he’s also a very serious collector of classic watches. In fact, Depp not only admires the craftsmanship and design of vintage timepieces, but he also collects rare editions and variations johnny depp rings .

One such watch is the Patek Philippe Ref. 5970/1 “Super Complication” watch, which was originally released in 1989 as part of Patek Philippe’s Grand Complication line. The Super Complication is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and complex watches ever produced, with seemingly endless features and functions.

According to auction house Sotheby’s, which auctioned off the watch last year, it sold for a staggering $15 million USD. This makes it Johnny Depp’s second-most expensive possession after his 14-carat diamond skull ring (which sold for $25 million USD in May). Clearly, Johnny Depp loves luxury watches – and he doesn’t seem to mind spending money on them!

The Accusations

johnny depp rings

Johnny Depp is one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors and he has been in a number of hit films over the years. However, his latest venture may just be his most controversial yet. Depp has been accused of physically assaulting Amber Heard, his former girlfriend and the mother of his child, which resulted in Heard filing for a restraining order.

According to court documents, the two had an argument on May 21st at their home in Los Angeles. Heard stated that Depp pulled her out of bed by her hair and threw her across the room. She also claimed that he slapped her multiple times in the face and kicked her in the stomach.

Depp has since denied any physical violence occurred between him and Heard and has filed for a restraining order against her as well. In a statement to PEOPLE magazine, Depp said “Amber is My Friend” and asked that she be given privacy during this difficult time.

This incident comes just months after reports surfaced that Depp was lathered in fake blood while filming Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. The actor has since released a statement denying these allegations as well.

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The Trial

When it comes to rich and famous men, one name is often synonymous with flashy jewelry: Johnny Depp. The actor and musician is known for his eclectic mix of interesting and unusual rings, which have earned him a reputation as one of the most stylish men in Hollywood.

But what are these rings made of? And where did they come from? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history of Depp’s ring collection, and explore the mystery behind his unusual choice in precious metals.

1. What are Johnny Depp’s Rings Made Of?

Johnny Depp has long been known for his eccentric choice in jewelry, which ranges from traditional engagement rings to strange custom pieces. But what’s behind his fascination with unusual materials like brass and nickel?

Depp’s rings are almost always made out of materials that are uncommon or hard to find: brass (mostly for traditional wedding bands), nickel (for jump rings), gold-plated sterling silver (for most other pieces), and even 18k yellow gold (for an occasional exception). These unique choices may be inspired by Depp’s love of old world craftsmanship or just because he finds unusual metal combinations appealing.

2. Where Did Johnny Depp Get His Rings from?

One thing that is clear about Johnny Depp’s ring collection is that he loves to experiment with different materials and textures. Many of his rings were likely custom-made by jewelers who know how to

The Verdict

Johnny Depp’s Rings: The Man Who Was Slapped

Johnny Depp was slapped with a lawsuit earlier this year after a woman accused him of slapping her. According to TMZ, the woman, who is unnamed in the suit, claims that the actor slapped her in the face at an event in December 2015. She is seeking unspecified damages for pain and suffering.

The allegations come as a surprise to many because Depp has always been known for his zany behavior on and off screen. In fact, his slap reportedly came during an argument over money. Whatever happened between the actor and accuser, it’s clear that this incident will be remembered for years to come.


Johnny Depp is no stranger to controversial headlines. He’s been caught up in a number of scandals, from accusations of domestic violence to his recent legal battle with Amber Heard. But his latest controversy may be his most perplexing yet: reports that the actor is sporting a series of unusual wedding rings.

The rings reportedly date back to 2016, when Depp married actress Amber Heard. They consist of two gold bands – one on each hand – with what appears to be a large black diamond situated in the middle of each ring. The unusual design has left plenty of people wondering just why Depp decided to go this route.

Some have suggested that the rings are an homage to Johnny Depp’s past character Julius Caesar, whose Julio-Claudian dynasty was marked by ostentatious displays of wealth and power. Others believe that they could be related to Heard’s native Australia, where diamonds are often considered a symbol of love and purity.

Whatever the case may be, it’s not clear whether or not the Rings are actually worth anything – or if Depp even plans on selling them. For now, all we can do is speculate about their meaning…


Johnny Depp’s collection of jewellery is definitely one for the record books. From his infamous platinum and diamond rings to more subtle pieces like a gold and turquoise necklace, this man knows how to dress up or down any outfit he puts on. So why is it that so many people are fascinated by his choice in jewellery? After all, there have been plenty of high-profile celebrities who have worn far less flashy pieces without eliciting such a reaction. The answer lies in Johnny Depp’s unique story – which is full of drama and intrigue. If you’re curious about what makes himtick, read on to find out more!

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