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After your first experience with the Freemie breast pump, you will find it much more intuitive. We know mothers who want to learn more about Freemie Breast pumps for the first time have many questions. So we created a Frequently Asked Questions page to help you find the answers. 

Tips for Beginners

  • Follow the instructions to assemble the Freemie breast pump kit. The kit will include written instructions. However, you can also watch a tutorial video and contact us at Freemie.
  • Relax to let your milk down. Ensure that your milk collection cup is in the middle to prevent air from leaking in. Stop expressing if your nipple hurts.
  • You may find it easier to keep the session brief the first few times and then gradually increase the length. The session will be shorter if you have a double breast-pump kit than if you only use one. Once comfortable using the pump, you can adjust the suction settings and decrease the speed.
  • This is normal if the tubing becomes dampened or moist from body heat, which can cause condensation. After expressing the tubing with water, remove the entire kit and allow it to dry.
  • You will only make small amounts of your first milk (colostrum) in the first few days after birth. This is best expressed by hand. After the milk arrives, you’ll find that you have more milk in the next few days. Within a few weeks, the milk supply will settle to the right level to meet the baby’s needs. Because her milk is more suitable for her baby’s maturity level, the milk of a mother with a premature baby will be slightly different from that of a mother with a term baby. Your medical advisors will help you determine your baby’s feeding requirements. As you become more comfortable with expressing milk, you will be able to communicate more. how many centimeters is an inch
  • Although you may still have breast milk, your milk will be yellow. It will appear creamy and thicker when it is standing. Different mothers’ colostrum colors can differ significantly. Don’t be surprised that yours may look different from another mother’s. The milk’s color will become bluish-white as you increase your milk supply. The milk still forms layers when standing up, with the cream layer at the top. The milk may look different depending on when you feed your baby.
  • You can express more frequently if you cannot breastfeed your baby. You may be able to return to your old expressing schedule after a week. You may want to consult a lactation consultant if your supply is declining despite your efforts to increase it.

Freemie independence mobile breast pump

The Freemie independence mobile breast pump allows you to pump milk freely. Nursing moms can use the Freemie’s closed-system cups in their bra to express milk while on the move. The pump features an LED light display, ten-speed and suction strengths, three memory settings, and a Turbo Mode for slow suction and release. It has 25mm and 28mm flanges and 8 oz. Milk containers

Mobile, hands-free breast pumps can be a lifesaver, whether you are breastfeeding as a professional or at home.

Women have been posting positive reviews about the Freemie Independence II Deluxe breast pump and getting a lot of praise.

Let’s take a closer look at the Freemie breast pumps reviews and see what Truly Mama thinks is “freeing” about this breast pump.

Freemie Pump Reviews: This Pump = Freedom

Many pumping moms had only one opinion about the Freemie pumps in all the Freemie pump reviews.

“I wish this had been available sooner!”

Mobile pumping is hands-free and offers enormous benefits. It allows moms to pump while on the move without having to be tethered.

However, breast pumps that are hands-free like the Elvie or Willow can be expensive and not always covered by insurance. The Freemie is an excellent alternative to the Elvie or Willow breast pumps. It offers hands-free, affordable pumping and, unlike them, is fully covered by many insurance companies.

Comfortable, lightweight

You can choose from three styles of Freemie Cups, depending on your wardrobe and situation, or all three!

Our SlimFit Cups come in 15 sizes for flanges, and our Standard Cups have 14 sizes. This allows you to customize your look and feel for maximum comfort. But remember to import device’s glue to perform this properly.

Because they are so effective, our Standard Freemie Cups have become a household name. Freemie Cups’ light weight is one of the main reasons they are so popular. Heavy devices on breasts are not something that anyone likes, especially if they’re breastfeeding. This is also bad for your milk production. The new Freemie SlimFit Cups are lighter than any other wearable pumps in the world and weigh only a fraction of what they used to be.

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