How to get more patients for your dental clinic?


How to get more patients for your dental clinic?



Dental clinics offer services and treatments in the health sector and carry out similar interventions. Our medical marketing agency for the health sector has a team specialized in competitive analysis to achieve differential value, position yourself first in your industry, and get more patients.

If you don’t know how to duplicate the patients in your dental clinic, read this post and download the free guide we have prepared with the five most important steps to succeed.

Differential offer

For our patients to choose us over our competition, we must offer different and quality services to succeed in the health sector. That is why you must specialize. Don’t offer everything. Offer the best.

The patient likes you to be an expert in the treatments they want, and you do not want to offer everything. Therefore, you can also provide the first visit for free, have online consultations, and let them contact you through different channels such as WhatsApp, social networks, forms, telephone, and email). To do this, you can use WhatsApp sender to send promotional offers in bulk.

Who is your page

It is very important that the patient can put a face on the professionals who will intervene in the operation and especially on the surgeon who will operate. The professional team is one of the main points a patient values when choosing where to have surgery and any other medical treatment.

For this reason, you must include your resume, experience, and photographs visibly on the web. In addition to doing it on our page or the team you have on your website, you can use video marketing.

Video marketing is a strategy based on creating and promoting audiovisual content to direct said content to our target audience. There are numerous ways to make videos for your dental clinic economically.

You can make a video in which patients can put a face to the specialist or professionals of the clinic, talking about a topic properly and demonstrating that you are experts in a treatment. This will help you build trust and reliability.

The article discusses how CRM software can help in business. Is it a good tool for managers to use when deciding on the best strategy for their company. It breaks down the pros and cons of using this software, taking into account what type of user you are as well as other aspects such as time-saving, cost-saving, and information gathering.

Good positioning

Positioning helps us generate trust, loyalty, and security and conveys the feeling of being the best offer on the market just because the search engines reward it. Patients associate positioning with quality of service. The fact of appearing among the first results means that it is a prestigious clinic with good benefits and opinions from other patients.

How to appear in the first positions at Google? First, of course, you can start by creating a web page that has a good architecture and upload quality and interesting content for your patients. But SEO is not just that. It must be worked on continuously and carried out by many other actions, even outside your website.

In our medical marketing agency, we use the most advanced techniques to place your dental clinic in the first positions of Google. Our team’s actions inside and outside your website will ensure that you obtain the desired results and increase the visibility and traffic of your website brscutil.

But Local SEO is also very important, and this is worked through the Google My Business file that, in addition to helping us establish ourselves in the top positions of the search engine, will help us offer data such as our exact location, telephone number, etc. Reviews are another important aspect as having positive opinions will improve our reputation with new patients.

Omni-channel presence

Connect with your audience on different channels (social networks) and create a community. The information must be aligned. Social networks are one of the easiest ways to reach and connect with your audience, interact with them and be aware of everything they need.

When used wisely, social media can become a powerful business tool. Some of the opportunities and benefits for which your clinic should be on social networks is because they allow you to:

  • Increase the conversion rate of contacts (leads) to patients.
  • Enhance your brand image.
  • Know more about your patients.
  • Direct line of communication with current and potential patients.
  • Make your facilities and professionals known.
  • Offer testimonials from your patients accompanied by before and after photos.
  • Report promotions.
  • Paid advertising on networks.
  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Help Medical SEO Services.
  • Loyalty patients.


Take note of your patients’ opinions, both positive and negative. Boost your strengths and improve your weaknesses! For patients, it is an effort to value us, either positively or negatively.

Therefore, we must make the assessment process educational and entertaining. In addition, the patient will feel heard if we respond to these evaluations, so it is advisable to dedicate at least as much time to them as they have to us.

We do not have to be alarmed if we get a bad review or rating because it can be positive if we manage it well. This will serve as future information for our continued growth.

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