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How To Choose Reliable Wireless Headphones?



Every day, wireless headphones are gaining more and more popularity. As these are convenient devices that guarantee complete freedom from wires that often get tangled, torn, or broken.

Let’s talk about the best wireless headphones in 2022. With the selection of models from all factors: inserts, earplugs, overhead, and full-size models.

What are wireless headphones?

Bluetooth headphones come in several types. Each type has its own characteristics and is suitable for certain tasks:

  1. TWS earphones. The abbreviation TWS stands for “truly wireless earbuds” headphones. This includes Apple AirPods, Redmi AirDots, and other devices where the earbuds are completely disconnected.
  2. Headphones with a short wire or neckband. These headphones are equipped with a small cable that wraps around the neck. Thanks to this, they are securely kept in the ears, suitable for sports. Headphones in this category outperform TWS models due to higher autonomy. But they are, of course, less practical.
  3. Overhead and full-size models. Headphones with a headband. They sound good. Better isolate external sounds and demonstrate higher autonomy than the 2 previous types.
  4. Headsets with bone conduction. In such models, the sound is transmitted not through the eardrums, but through the bone. This allows you to enjoy music and hear the surrounding sounds at the same time – convenient when playing sports.

How to choose Bluetooth headphones: selection criteria

In addition to the type of construction, there are many other criteria for choosing wireless headphones:

  1. Autonomy. The higher it is, the longer the headphones will work on a single charge. TWS headsets last on average 3 to 6 hours. With a charging case, their autonomy can reach up to 24 hours. Headphones with a neck cable demonstrate autonomy from 8 to 16 hours. Overhead and full-sized devices hold a charge the longest – up to 40 hours.
  2. Sound quality. Many Bluetooth headphones are characterized by an overabundance of bass and a lack of treble. If sound quality plays a decisive role, we recommend choosing a model with relatively flat frequency response.
  3. Control type. Some people prefer push-button controls, while others prefer touch controls. The latter option is found in headphones more and more often.
  4. Comfort. Good headphones should not press too hard on the ears and head. It is desirable that they be comfortable to wear for at least 2-3 hours.
  5. Noise suppression. Where are you planning to listen to music? If in public transport, while walking around the city or during flights, then the headphones should have good noise reduction. Otherwise, extraneous sounds will not allow you to enjoy listening.
  6. Possibility of wired connection. Bluetooth is very convenient. But rechargeable headphones are gradually discharged. Therefore, if the gadget is equipped with a connector for a wired connection, this will be a big plus.
  7. Manufacturer. In order for the headphones to please with their sound for a long time, we advise you to buy them only from trusted manufacturers. Below we have compiled a selection of the best developers.

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Lenovo HT05

Simple but reliable TWS headphones from the Chinese brand Lenovo. Also, one of the best in terms of price and quality for today. Lenovo HT05 is made in the TWS format, the design type is plugs. The case has two colors – black and white. The built-in microphone allows the wearer to record voice messages and answer incoming calls.

Buyers in the reviews praise the new earphones for the sound quality. If necessary, it can be adjusted using the equalizer. Battery life is 4 hours, and charging speed is 2 hours. The case has a USB-C connector. Headphone sensitivity level – 108 dB, impedance – 16 ohms. You can buy a model on Aliexpress or in regular electronics stores.

Sony WH-1000XM3

The silver rating goes to a full-size headset from Sony. The model boasts excellent sound, a comfortable fit, and a lightweight body that will not create inconvenience even after many hours of listening.

Other benefits of the WH-1000XM3 include improved sound isolation (ANC), as well as a powerful battery that lasts up to 30 hours. It takes 3 hours to charge the gadget.

Apple AirPods Max

It would be strange if Apple stopped producing TWS headphones. Recently, a new full-size headset appeared on the market – AirPods Max.

The model stands out from its competitors in the first place by its design. Everything has an emphasis on minimalism. 8 body colors are immediately available for sale, including white, black, blue, red, pink, and others. Therefore, there will be plenty to choose from . They completely cover the auricles, without creating inconvenience.

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