Give Your Vision A 360-Degree Turn With Google Glasses


Google Glasses: A 360-Degree Turn To Your Vision



Wearable technology is set to be the next big thing in technology. The concept or technology is not a surprise, but its rapid advancement and innovation do. The arrival of wearable technology brought a lot of new things and gifted us with smart wearable gadgets or accessories to meet our day-to-day needs. Eyewear like Google glasses, smart lenses, jewelry, smartwatches, earbuds, and smart clothes are what have become common in use. But, smart glasses are gaining traction in the market with their intuitive features and extraordinary capabilities. What makes these smart eyewear so popular is the interesting experiment placing cameras, headphones, and virtual assistants into what look like ordinary sunglasses.

Google’s smart glasses sound like the next-generation technology out of science and fiction. But it has been around us for many years, serving to fulfill many simple and complex purposes. These high-tech wearables are designed using advanced technology stacks like artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Incorporating these emerging technologies takes mobile computing into an era of more interactive wearable technologies.

Have you ever imagined there would be something that replaces texting, getting directions, cameras, and strengthening our vision? Probably no, but the smart eyewear turned these impossibilities into a reality. Here, we will let you know everything about smart glasses, what they do, and their applications?

What Are Google Glasses Known For?

Google is the world’s biggest Information technology services company. Its niche is the software and hardware market in which it sells out its various solutions. However, Google is a giant platform on the internet, holding up to 99% market share in the business industry. Websites, mobile apps, web apps, software, smart devices, wearables, in fact, everything Google provides to worldwide individuals and businesses. One of the major inventions in wearable technology has created a buzz in the business realm with its extraordinary capabilities. Google glasses and smartwatches are the cores covering multiple aspects at a time. Though, the glasses have taken over all the wearables with their voice, motion-control, sharp vision, and sense of detecting objects.

Smart glasses by Google are Android-based that resemble ordinary glasses, displaying everything directly into the human’s vision field. The technology behind these high-tech accessories is AR, giving a great visual experience with audio, video, location, and visionary inputs. With these inputs, the wearer gets the most relevant information and a clear insight into what is happening. So what else can be more insightful than this?

The Features Of Google Glasses

Gooogle’s smart eyewear has been around us for many years. The core purpose behind making these glasses is to help professionals accomplish their goals in new ways. However, industry professionals use these glasses to bring innovation. From physicians to construction contractors, tech experts, and offices, smart glasses are famous for unlocking endless possibilities for remote work. Smart glasses had come a long way since the days when Google failed to impress users. But now, smart eyewear seems to be something holding a brighter future.

Let’s go through its features and see what they offer its users. Keep reading!

1. Hands-Free Still Image

One of the best smart glasses is its ability to capture photos and videos. Wearer just needs to say, “ Ok, Glass, record a video or capture a picture.” The glass will automatically begin to capture or record footage. It means there is no need to hold the camera, set its focus, and click to capture an image. Instead, a simple command is can do so. Another interesting thing is that they are shareable and share things exactly via Google hangouts. Thus, you can never miss anything and get updates on the go.

2. Shows Google Search Results Right In Your Eye

Generally, Google glass works on search engines and provides results via Wi-Fi and data connection. It sounds like you have a search engine pool right on your nose. How it works is that it takes voice dictations from the wearer, which means that we can speak up to Google glasses, ask to pull up any information, identify any object, in fact, simply ask anything. Just like on Google chrome, we type or speak up about whatever we want to find. Even we can find our baggage if we connect these glasses with the cloud.

3. Turn-By-Turn Direction

One of the best smart glasses applications is the seamless navigation into any location using GPS location. What makes this eyewear capable is its incorporation in navigation apps like Google maps. The primary focus of Google Maps is to find the shortest possible way to your destination, but these smartphones are something out of the box and came with an ambition of directing the right path from right in front of your face. Additionally, the Google map displays a map to navigate the right way.

4. Voice Translations

Google’s most helpful feature embeds in the search engine is the voice assistant, mobile apps, websites, software, and even in smart devices. The primary objective of this voice speech recognition feature is to translate, interpret and act according to voice commands. However, the feature, when embedded in wearable, shows surprising results. The integration of voice translation features enabled smart glasses to talk like humans. No one has ever expected that these non-living objects will memic human actions. A special thanks to technology that has made these objects this capable.

5. Virtual Reminders

Do you forget your important tasks or miss your important meetings? Don’t worry. You will not miss out on things anymore. Google is there for you to remind your important tasks and events. Before, you set reminders on Google’s calendar to remember things, but virtual reminders have begun sending virtual reminders since smart glasses have come into play. The eyewear is associated with a headset, takes the photo of the assigned task, and displays it when needed.


Wearable technology is the most advanced addition of technology that significantly contributes to innovation in the business process. However, technology has a wider reach in all industries because of the abundance of wearable accessories and gadgets. Like Google glasses, smart watches, earbuds, smart clothes, jewelry, and much more. Each of these wearables have unique designs with extraordinary capabilities to perform different functionalities. But smart glasses have a separate fan base and are being by every industry to fulfill their needs and cater to complex requirements. Thus, we can say that emphasizing wearable accessories creation is a worthy investment.

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