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How to get into the fashion industry: 5 tips from a famous stylist



Everyone who works in the fashion industry has one thing in common – they once knew nothing about it and had no experience. People who are on the sidelines of fashion, but who want to get there, ask themselves the question “How did famous designers, stylists and models achieve success?”.

Well -known stylist Jason Rembert answered this question .

Already at the age of 25 he worked with Rita Ora , Nicki Minaj , Olivia Palermo , Keri Hilson and many others. Interestingly, it took him only 5 years to achieve this level of professionalism and success. Exactly this much has passed since the decision was made to leave college, where he studied mathematics, and start a career in fashion.

So, here are 5 tips for getting into the fashion industry from a successful stylist.

1. Learn

Get a quality education in Europe at one of the best fashion institutes. The knowledge gained in fashion design programs or styling courses will be the foundation of your career. But to become truly successful, you need to master and learn something new always. Jason believes that in the fashion world it is more important to learn something, and not just make money.

2. Don’t be afraid to start from the bottom

To stay in the fashion industry, you need to be patient and plan ahead. At the beginning of the journey, you will really have to study a lot, train, work, often for free. But this is a good start for a future fashion designer or stylist, and it also teaches you to be patient and hardworking.

3. Overcome the fear of failure

Every designer, stylist, fashion editor once doubted his abilities, underestimated his talent and was afraid of failure. Success comes to those who do not rest on fears, but work hard, develop and show themselves to the world. Everyone has failures, but they are useful, they learn from mistakes and gain new experience.

4. Be yourself

The fashion industry is designed in such a way that before you succeed, you will have to face the reverse side of fashion, where your future will be called into question by everyone and everyone. They will try to break you, set you up and betray you. Resist and be yourself, and you will be respected. Yes, it’s not easy, but take a look at Patti Wilson , June Ambrose and Grace Coddington . They saved themselves. Agree, it is unlikely that a person modest by nature, depicting an eccentric nature, will succeed.

5. Prepare to work hard

In the fashion world, those who really work hard succeed. Jason gets up at 4 in the morning, negotiates, answers letters, meetings begin at 8, in the afternoon he checks the delivered clothes, goes shopping, and in the evening he goes to receptions and meetings. Due to his busy schedule, he sleeps little and sometimes forgets to have lunch. By the way, the test of strength, the fashion industry begins while studying at the institutes of fashion and design. Graduate of Marangoni fashion design courseshared with us her experience: “I personally had sleepless nights for 2-3 days, but there was no other way, on weekends they also give homework. After the first trimester, we were already used to this rhythm of life, and even the fact that we had to prepare 3 collections for the next exam was treated with a less shock state

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Istituto Marangoni students fully experience the peculiarities of working in the world of fashion, thanks to a busy schedule of classes (art history, fashion design, personal style, collection design, clothing semiotics, brand management of the fashion industry, etc.), constant workshops and work on joint projects with fashion brands. Thanks to this, graduates are theoretically, practically and emotionally ready for a successful career in the fashion world.

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