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Five steps that you must follow when moving a piano



It is said that piano removals are the most delicate move. Some tricks can make this task easier.

Pianos are a combination of feeling, harmony, admiration, and passion. They can also be heavy, fragile, and robust. The dimensions of a piano vary depending on its model, whether it has a tail, is wall-mounted, or vertical. It is important to be aware of these details to move it.

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We won’t lie! It can be difficult to move this musical instrument without changing its beautiful melody. There are some tricks to moving a piano without it getting out of tune.

Tips to help you move your piano

1. It can be up to 600 kg and measure two meters in width. It takes strength and several arms to move a piano. We recommend that you have one person to help with every 30-40 kilos of weight.

2. Where should you place your back? Exercising too hard can lead to serious injuries to your back and limbs. To move the piano, you’ll need to first disassemble it. If your grand piano has removable front panels, remove the top and legs. Each gram is one more relief

3. The main guarantee for the piano’s integrity is bubble wrap and thick blankets. These materials provide cushioning. You should cover the piano with non-scratch materials and attach them with high-resistance tapes to give it more coverage at its corners and angles. These are your weak spots!

4. Don’t use telekinesis! Call the professionals! Piano removals can be difficult, no matter how much you would like to just look at them. The instrument is well protected but the vehicle you will be moving it in can have an impact on its protection.

You should transport your piano in a truck equipped with anti-shock walls and levelers, straps, harnesses, and straps. You can also transport other padded items in the same truck.

5. There is no room for error on your journey. You must carefully assess the passages and risk areas in which you intend to move the piano. Also, make sure that there are no obstructions. You should use heavy-duty equipment if the road is extremely cumbersome.

Most moving companies, such as Perfect Timing Moving have the most precise equipment, including lifts, cranes, and piano plans. Only then can you rule out any damage!

Experts in the transfer of musical instruments.

Each piano model has its packaging and protection. There may be slight variations in the way it is disassembled. DON’T TRUST THE WHEELS They are often mistaken for being able to move the instrument. They are not tires for an F1 racing car. Instead, they are decorative and may break with the piano’s weight.

The piano isn’t a piece of furniture or a sandbag. It is a heavy instrument that is as safe as a safe, and as fragile as glass. It is a difficult job that requires dedication, experience, and order to handle. If you need to transport your piano, don’t search for other options that could lead to serious consequences.

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