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Crypto Mining with Radio Waves?



The initial goal of Helium in 2013 was to create a network that would make it simple for gadgets to connect to the internet. With the launch of the Helium Gateway, the lean, green mining device, we are pleased to announce that we have moved one step closer to realizing our aim.

What is the Helium Gateway?

A new gateway that enables connections between objects, machines, and things from far away on very little power at a fraction of the price is at the center of the decentralized machine network. By confirming that other gateways are indeed offering reliable wireless access, the Gateway mines Helium tokens. The Helium Gateway is a fully automated consumer miner, as opposed to mining operations with high energy usage and complicated setup procedures. It is accessible, simple, effective, and fair.

  • Open — All software, firmware, and hardware for the Gateway will be open-sourced and free of any additional charges or royalties.
  • Simple — Just plug in the electricity and connect to the internet.
  • Effective — The Helium Gateway uses radio waves rather than computations, which use a lot of electricity (as much as an LED light bulb).
  • Fair: No pooling is required and everyone gets the same opportunity to mine. Visit Rahul’s blog to read more about our consensus algorithm.


Why is this game-changing?

The decentralized nature of Helium—which you created and own is what gives it its true strength. You will be compensated when the gateway mines, and you can decide how much machines should pay for connectivity. New classes of machines, applications, and devices will emerge as network coverage expands throughout many cities and nations over time. These machines will use the network and pay tokens to gateways for access to and transfer of data to the internet. Consider making it easier to track life-saving pharmaceuticals to the places that need them the most. Creating safer and smarter communities with intelligent infrastructure that recognizes you and reacts to you instantly and without delay. Never again misplace the things that matter most to you.

You are the Network

We need communities and individuals like you to contribute to network construction by acting as gateway hosts in order to complete the network build-out. By installing a Helium Gateway in your house, place of business, and local areas, anyone can become a host.

In addition to offering wifi hotspots for tomorrow’s low-powered gadgets, you will be at the forefront of hosting the first consumer crypto miner as a gateway host. We’ll choose prime US areas for network launch in the coming weeks. You can take part by adding your name to the Helium Gateway Waitlist and specifying the locations where you want to deploy gateways. We anticipate Helium Gateways to be available by Q4 of 2018 and we will be sharing updates with the community in the coming weeks. We’re excited for you to join the movement as we work towards achieving our mission of building a decentralized machine network that can change the world.


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