Complete detail about Al-Seef Dhow Cruise Dubai


Complete detail about Al-Seef Dhow Cruise Dubai



Do you know about the Al-Seef Dhow Cruise Dubai? This is one of the most beautiful places in Dubai that you can visit. It is located on the creek side and allows you to perform too many activities. You can perform and see many things here, so it is advisable to spend some time in this place. This article will provide you with all the information about Al-Seef Dubai. We will also give you tips on making the most of your visit here.

What is Al-Seef Dubai?

Al Seef Dubai is a beautiful place located on the creek side with Best Dhow Cruise Deals. It offers many tourist activities and is one of the best places to visit in Dubai. The combination of modern amenities, buildings, amenities, and services that provide you with the traditions and history of the Emarati culture makes this location both unique and appealing. The ancient-looking structures recall the city’s past to allow visitors to feel like they’ve traveled back in time. However, there will be too many stores and restaurants for shopping and eating.

What is the way to reach Al-Seef Dubai?

First, you should know that the Al-Seef is present in Bur Dubai near Dubai Creek. To go to Al-Seef Dubai, you can take the metro. You can take the Green Line metro or Red Line metro and then go to the Burjuman stop; after this, you have to walk for about fifteen minutes, and then you will reach Al-Seef Dubai.

If you are at the Deira, then you should take the Abra Taxi from the station of Baniyas and go to the Al-Seef Dubai. If we talk about the timing of the Al-Seef Dubai, then remember that you can access this area 24 hours, so it means you have the opportunity to visit Al-Seef Dubai at any time in an entire day.

The stores, on the other hand, are open Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 10 pm, and the times of stores on Friday through Sunday are 10 am to 11 pm. Other than this, restaurants in Al-Seef Dubai are from 10 am to 10 pm, which is from Monday to Thursday, and from Friday to Saturday, from 10 am to 12 am.

Things you should perform at Al-Seef Dubai:

There are too many activities that you can perform; all are given below:

Visit the Al Seef Promenade alleys:

The Al Seef promenade is almost 2 km, and you can spend some quality time here by taking a stroll along the creek. You will feel relaxed after seeing the views of traditional abra boats and yachts that cross the creek.

If we talk about the alleys of Al-Seef, then it is designed in such a way that it recalls the old Dubai. The beautiful lanterns and hanging lights give this place a magical look at the night. Besides this, you will find colorful murals, and traditional music is also played in some areas to provide you with a complete experience of old Dubai.

Old-Looking Starbucks:

When you are in Al-Seef, you should go to Starbucks because it is designed so that it looks old. The setting and decoration of this place make it different from others. You will feel like you are in a different era while having coffee here.

In addition, you will also find a lot of other cafes in Al-Seef where you can have coffee and some snacks. Other than this, if you want to have a meal, then too many restaurants offer international and local cuisines.

Magic Rugs for traditional carpets:

If you want to buy traditional carpets, you should go to the Magic Rugs store. This store has a collection of different types of carpets. You will find both new and old carpets here. You can also see the carpet-making process.

Most rugs that you find are handmade, and skilled workers make them. Other than this, you will find these carpets at affordable prices. However, the carpets’ cost depends on the carpet’s size and design. If you don’t want to buy the rugs, you can still find beautiful bags, dresses, and Arabic crafts.

The Museum of Illusions is the best place for fun:

Al-Seef also has a Museum of Illusions, which is a fantastic place for adults and kids. In this museum, you will find more than 80 different types of optical illusions. You will be able to take photos with some of the most popular illusionary figures.

This museum is not only for the entertainment of kids but also for adults. You will be surprised to see how our brain works when we see these optical illusions. In addition to this, you will also find some interactive games.

Take the experience of an abra:

When you are in Al-Seef, you should take an abra from the station of Baniyas and go to Deira. It is one of the oldest districts of Dubai, and here you can do and see different types of things. The most popular attraction of this place is the Gold Souk. You will be amazed to see the jewelry here. In addition, you will also find many other things such as spices, textiles, and electronics.

Besides this, you can also visit the Deira Clocktower. It is one of the most famous landmarks of Dubai. In Deira such as visiting the Museum of Islamic Art and the Jumeirah Mosque is the best thing that you can perform here.

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