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Best food places in Lahore to visit in 2022



Lahore is popular because of its Desi and traditional foods where you can enjoy the melts and sizzling taste in your mouth for adding the Desi kitchen in Punjab. Click here to see Best Restaurants in Lahore for Birthday.

If you haven’t eaten any dishes in Lahore yet, these food places will satisfy your hunger! The eateries in Lahore are affordable and rich in taste to enjoy a family outing or a great meeting place with your friends. Lahore offers various dishes from local and international food chains to enjoy fantastic eateries to enjoy various options.

The city offers various eateries that will take your hunger and you will feel overwhelmed to offer such a variety of dishes from the Punjabi Touch! Once you have tried one of these restaurants or cafés in the city, you will never forget the wonderful food pressure to cheer up your mood! To plan to try different Desi kitchens in the city, there are various best food places in Lahore.

1. Café Aylanto

Café Alylanto is a popular restaurant in MM Alam Road and DHA, phase 3 where the place is best known for its beautiful courtyard.This is a favorite of people to sit in the evening and enjoy a chic meal. Aylanto offers a variety of foods, aimed at mainly Italian and Mediterranean dishes.

Am of Mushroom Soup Steals The Show. To plan to go for the best bbq in Lahore, you will find nothing better than café aylanto! Once You Enter This Restaurant, Make Sure Not To Forget to Order the Starter! This makes the best food places in Lahore to Enjoy the Sizzling Barbeque Under The Breezing Evening!

2. Phajjay Kay Paye

Paye is a meat dish that has been cooked in the hooves of goats to add a touch of the Desi kitchen. So, This place is a very famous breakfast restaurant in Lahore and regards as one of the oldest eateries in the city. The place is located near the Taxali gate, a very popular food place itself.

If you go for the best desi-eating in Lahore, you have to try this food place! The dish serves with fresh naan, a flatbread, garnished with sesame seeds, and a glass of lassi (thick milk in salted or sweet).

To look for a food spot that helps to fill in your stomach with a Desi -Touch, this Paye will help you enjoy the taste of herbs and add the savory melting in your mouth! This Pakistani dish marks the best food places in Lahore to add a nice family ring or a pleasant weekend plan.

3. Wasabi, Gulberg and DHA phase III

Wasabi is a popular restaurant that offers a series of sushi buns and teppanyaki. The food here is affordable where you will enjoy the Japanese dishes without worrying about extra costs. The restaurant is located in Gulberg and DHA phase III.

This marks the best food in Lahore, where the place serves various variety of Japanese dishes to enjoy the touch of sushi and other kitchens from their menu! But perhaps eating breakfast in Wasabi is a nice option if you don’t want to go for sushi.

Wasabi serves a decent breakfast in Lahore, where you can enjoy eating different breakfast options that represent the Japanese touch. If you are a sushi lover and want to find a suitable Japanese restaurant in Lahore, Wasabi will keep your hunger satisfied! The restaurant is built in a simple way that is consistent with Japanese customs and ideals to give the feeling of the Japanese dining area. As soon as you enter Wasabi, this place will give you a great Dine-in experience!

4. Amritsari Hareesa

Hareesa is a kind of wheat porridge that combines with chicken, beef, or sheep meat more like Haleem. So, This dish is a popular Desi food that adds the ground process of the kitchen in Lahore style to mark the best places to eat in Lahore.

To look for a famous food place where you have not tried Hareesa before, let this place warm your taste buds and your stomach filled! Because the meal is heavy, the dish serves with Naan to make it easier and digest it in the stomach.

It is located on Nisbat Road near Laxmi Chowk, which offers the best Hareesa in Lahore. This place is suitable for eating for breakfast or lunch, it is so popular in the area that it is best to go early in the day because it normally closes for dinner. This makes the best food places in Lahore where this place does not leave any space to sit in and enjoy the meal! The best time to visit this restaurant is early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

5. COOCO’s Den

When you visit Lahore, you must visit Badshahi -Mosque, one of the most prominent attractions of the city that leaves you in awe and peace. Food Street is the most famous place where it offers a row of stalls and offers various Pakistani cuisines to add the savior and offer various spices to enjoy the touch of the Punjabi region.

To look for a suitable dining area that helps to remove the fatigue after long hours from the Badshahi mosque, this Lahore Street -food will taste your wonders! As soon as you enter the Food Street, you will enjoy eating a variety of Pakistani dishes to enjoy different flavors along the way!

Some of these eateries, such as Coocies den, offer space in the open air with a spectacular view of the mosques and surroundings. The buildings in Food Street were clear and unusual, and Coocies den was the strangest of all!

When entering the restaurant, you can use the elevator to the third story and follow a series of stairs that take you to the restaurant. COOCO’s Den specializes in traditional Pakistani dishes, including Tikka and Karahi dishes. To look for a place that offers different grilled dishes and Karahi options, Coocies gives you the satisfactory desi -eating in Lahore to enjoy the sizzling Tikka dishes!

The price of the food is expensive, while the sheep meat Karahi, Chicken Tikka, Rice and Drinks cost 5000 PKR for two serving. Despite the high food prize, Badshahi -Moskee will enjoy the view from the roof of the Den -Restaurant of the Cooco! This makes it one of the decent places to eat in Lahore, where you will enjoy the wide view of the Badshahi mosque

6. Waris Nihari House Moon Market

One of the old Desi food in the city of Punjab is Nihari that marks the best food places in Lahore. Nihari is a stewed chicken or beef that covered in different masalas and is cooked in ghee to enjoy the melting taste of the chicken for a savory taste!

This marks a typical Punjabi dish where every Lahori comes to enjoy the steaming warmth and enjoys the delicious taste of Nihari. So, Nothing beats Waris Nihari House for a warm bowl of stew in the city!

According to the local population, Waris Nihari House, located in the Moonmarkt, is the best place to eat Nihari in Lahore. They provide a variety of Nihari and other meat meals to choose from. So,The half plate Nihari is sufficient for one person if the size and amount is great that it is difficult to eat in one sip.

This place gives you a wonderful and steaming stew to enjoy the Nihari gravy to melt in your mouth that marks the best food places in Lahore!

7. Toba Kay Chanay

Lahoris likes to eat Naan Chanay and marks as the most popular food places in Lahore, where the place regards the best breakfast in Lahore. So, Toba Kay Chanay is famous for Murgh Chaney, Kulcha and Kashmiri Roti, the place situated at Laxmi Chowk where you can taste the Lahori rack for a delicious taste in Punjab! The restaurant offers a great variety of dishes where you can enjoy your breakfast meal on a clear Sunday morning!

To plan to eat a Desi breakfast, Tooba Kay Chanay will fulfill your hunger and you will enjoy eating this delicious breakfast dish to keep your stomach filled during the day!

Once you enjoy the Chaney and Kulcha, you will forget the lunch because this meal is heavy where you will not be hungry for the next meal! This makes one of the best eateries in Lahore to enjoy the Desi breakfast in the city.

8. Monal

Lassi is a thick drink that mixes with milk and yogurt to add thickness and the taste for a great drink. Lassi is very famous in Punjab, where this drink is popular for breakfast and during the Holy Month of Vasten.

In Gawalmandi you will find Feeqa Lassi Walla, where the drink will cool your tongue for a great summer fir. Because this food place is known for Desi Food and Lassi, there are a lot of lassis in salted or sweet to cool your taste buds.

The most popular form of Lassi is the Perry Vali Lassi where this drink will enjoy your day for breakfast time on Sundays. So, The traditional Lassi serves with Desi Food to add a complete breakfast and marks Lahore famous food for a great Desi Nashta.

To go on the way to an early breakfast, Feeqa Lassi Walla will sweep your hunger away to a Desi breakfast meal! As soon as you enter this place, you will enjoy the mix of the coolness of the drink and the warmth of the Desi Lahore eating!

10. Butt Karahi Laxmi Chowk

This food place melts in your mouth and adds the rich taste of the meat cooked in a pan mixed with curry to add the enriched taste. The butt Karahi adds the savory taste with the boiled meat where you will find nothing bigger than ass Karahi in this city! To plan a family weekend dinner or hang friends around for lunch, it goes to Butt Karahi your mouth in Wonderen!

Butt Karahi locates itself in Laxmi Chowk and the specialty of this dish is that it has a line of chicken on the stall and cooks with fresh meat. Once you have tried this cooked Karahi, you will enjoy this dish and fill your stomach with satisfaction and numbers like Lahore famous food! You will never disappoint with the enrichment of this popular dish in Lahori style!

Because the size of the Karahi is quite large and difficult to eat, the use of half Karahi is sufficient for two people and it costs RS.720. This makes a reasonable price and regards the best food places in Lahore to enjoy the flavorings in the city.

11. Baranh – Oude Lahore

Baranh is named after the 12 gates of the walled city of Lahore, where the word itself means twelve. The restaurant settles in the outside of Gaddafi Stadium, where Lahoris come and enjoy the warm sizzling taste of the Tawa meat and tikkas during the coldest winter months.

To plan for warm and grilled food in the city, Baranh gives your tongue a rich and spicy taste! Because this restaurant is a country estate, many locals come during the winter months to try the steamy Tawa and Tikkas to enjoy the spicy touch of Pakistani dishes! Because the stadium is a famous place, visitors meet the country to enjoy different grilled food!

The restaurant offers popular food such as the Tikka, Karahi and Tawa Meats and in the desert it is Shaker Paratha. This is the sweet paratha filled in sweet potato to add the sweet taste to your mouth.

If you are looking for a different menu of traditional Pakistani food at affordable prices, this place is highly recommended. You will enjoy the best eateries in Lahore!

12. Sadiq Halwa Puri

Produced bread (Puri) is served with Halwa (candy), chickpeas and potato curry. This marks the traditional Desi breakfast in Lahore, where every local enjoys the best Nashta in Lahore. To try the Desi breakfast in the city, you will find nothing tastier than Sadiq Halwa Puri to enjoy the warm and melting taste of the Halwa and Puri!

Sadiq Halwa Puri locates itself in Gawalmandi, where Halwa Puris is one of Lahore’s famous food for a typical breakfast routin. The restaurant serves ATA Puri and Meetha Pura. The unique thing is that everything is cooked with authentic desi ghee. As soon as you eat the Halwa Puri, you will never feel hungry in the coming hours! This makes the best eateries in Lahore to enjoy the warm breakfast dish.

13. Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar regards as the most expensive place in the Gulberg area where the food for two costs 6500 PKR. The restaurant settles in MM Alam Road and lets you enjoy trying these kitchens. So, The specialty of the food place includes various Pakistani kitchens that add the spicy touch! Spice Bazaar offers Malai Botti, sheep meat carbonades, chicken handi, freshly cooked parathas and naan to extinguish your hunger!

To make it easier to digest, the restaurant provides tea from 3 to 7 p.m. As soon as you enter this restaurant, you will enjoy eating different Desi kitchens and offers you a quiet atmosphere without noise and pollution!

For a sweet dessert, Spice Bazaar has Ras Malai and Falooda with Kulfi, ice that adds a creamy and thick texture to sweeten your meal! This mark as the best food places in Lahore to enjoy different Desi food.

Here are the best and best food places in Lahore, where the city is known to offer different kitchens to melt in your mouth and fulfill your hunger! So, These dining options will try to try out different Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore to enjoy the taste and taste of the Punjabi rising. As soon as you visit these eateries, you will enjoy the tasty food protection to mark memorable eateries! Don’t forget to try out these fantastic and popular eateries in the city, make sure you try these traditional meals!

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