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Benefits Of Choosing COSTS Over Custom Software



Are you looking to accelerate the digital transformation of your business? Then investing in commercial off-the-shelf software could be a smart move. There is a growing demand for organizations as well as businesses to invest in implementing robust software to fill specific gaps in their business. One such software is COTS or Commercial-Off-the-Shelf software which is ready to use without any kind of modification required from users.

Simply put, a COTS product can be both computer hardware and software that is tailored for specific uses and also made available to the general public through government contracts. This is the reason why most businesses including the government sector and large organizations are procuring COTS products into their system for better functionality. Microsoft Office or antivirus software is a typical example of COTS software. So, if you are looking for a risk-free investment for incorporating software to streamline your business, make sure you hire the best Outsourcing Development Company that can help you implement modified COTS software.


A Brief Overview of COTS Software:

Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software is a term for ready-to-made software products that are available for purchase in the commercial marketplace. Nowadays, public sectors are more and more relying on COTS applications for supplementing, enhancing, or replacing the proprietary system. It is mainly because of the improved functionality and less ownership cost that COTS offers. Moreover, COTS products are designed to be easily installed and incorporated with existing system components. Operating systems, office product suites, word processing, and e-mail programs all fall into the COTS category.


What Are the Other COTS Products?

Some other products generally considered COTS products are:

  • MOTS: Modifiable-Off-the-Shelf or Military-Off-the-Shelf products are COTS products whose source can be modified. It simply means that MOTS is an off-the-shelf product that can be customized or developed by a commercial vendor so that it can respond to specific military requirements. You can easily purchase and use a MOTS product as it is designed to adapt for a specific purpose.
  • GOTS: Government-Off-the-Shelf (GOTS), developed by the technical staff of the government agency is generally preferred for government purposes. It is because; GOTS can be developed by an external entity simply by funding and specification from the agency. If you Hire Software Developer India who has years of experience in implementing GOTS for government purposes can help you implement GOTS successfully.
  • NOTS: Nato-Off-the-Shelf or Niche-Off-the-Shelf product, developed by NC3A is used to meet specific requirements of NATO including Consultation, Command, and Control. It can also be referred to as vendor-developed software for a specialization and narrow market segment.


A Comparative Study between Custom VS COTS Software: Why Choose COTS Over Custom Solution?

Every business and industry has its unique needs so whether to build a custom software solution or buy ready-to-use COTS software depends on the requirements of your business. Still, most businesses feel it difficult to determine which option will work better for their specific needs.

With this blog, you can get deeper into the roots of when to choose COTS over custom software with an elaboration on the pros and cons of both.

  • Convenience: COTS software has a lot of appeal for businesses of all sizes businesses and industries. So, COTS can serve your purpose while looking for a straightforward solution. Again there are many COTS software that claims to be customized by evaluating the degree of customization. Thus COTS can easily satisfy the specific industry needs.

Custom solution on the other hand depends on the kind of business or third-party company. If you choose a less expertise development firm then your custom-developed app will be inefficient and unproductive.

  • Security: COTS software is generally considered to be more secure. But reports prove that COTS, being widely used software is often a prime target for hackers. But when you Hire Offshore Dedicated Developers with years of experience, they can help you implement various techniques at the beginning of a project that will reduce the chances of security breaches.

Custom-built software built upon widely used technology is also vulnerable to hackers. Therefore when it comes to considering security-related features, and implementation, make sure you choose expert developers.

  • Cost: One of the significant benefits of COTS is that it is cost-effective as compared to the custom solution. Simply put, it is designed for mass. This is why COTS is highly preferred where users are higher in number.

In contrast, the cost of custom software development is higher than that of COTS.

  • Support: COTS solutions offer easy app development support. You can find professionals who are experienced enough to guide you on usage or complications.

But in a custom solution, there wouldn’t be any ownership rights, even if there is a minute issue. In such a situation, it needs to be taken to the third-party app developer to resolve the issue.


What Are the Key Advantages of COTS Solutions?

Now look at some key advantages of COTS solutions:

  • Accessibility & Support: Commercial-Off-the-Shelf solutions are easily accessible because they are mass-produced for specialized sectors such as financial service companies. Moreover, COTS has been in the market for a long time with the full customer support of a special community. Hence, you don’t have to worry about resolving your business problems. Most importantly, in case any error happens in your software, the customer support team is responsible to correct it.
  • Versatility: Most Off-the-Shelf software offers a wide array of features addressing practicality needed for every company to run their business ranging from anti-virus programs to database development applications.
  • Easy Installation: Unlike custom-made software, COTS can be easily installed without any customization. Moreover, a COTS product comes with step-by-step instructions to help you make the installation process smoother.
  • Cost-Effective: The cost of COTS products is much lower than tailor-made software. It is because the cost of COTS is a one-time expenditure without any hidden expenses. Most importantly, with COTS you don’t need to pay separately for software and hardware. You only have to pay just once when you purchase it.
  • Trustworthy: COTS products generally go through several testing scenarios. So, you don’t have to worry about its reliability. Vendors are working regularly to improve their solutions through testing, updating, security patches, and features.
  • Trial Benefits: The good news is, that you don’t have to immediately purchase the solution without a trial. COTS products allow users to see how that software works within a trial version before purchasing one. So, when you are opting for an Outsource Software Development Services to implement COTS, they will first test-drive the software before suggesting you invest in it.


Things to Consider While Choosing an Effective COTS Solution:

Choosing a software product, especially COTS can be a time-consuming and hazardous task. But you can consider a couple of tips to select the right COTS product for your business as discussed below:

  • Pricing & Licensing Model: Consider whether the pricing model, subscription period, and licensing approach will work you’re your company or not. Ask your self will the licensing model restrict your future use of software? Does the entire implementation cost enable you to prove a clear ROI for the software?
  • Functionality: Make sure the software provides all the functionality that you need to undertake your work processes. Consider how the system fits into your business requirements now and how they might affect your business in the future.
  • Pay Attention to Integration: Ensure that the Commercial-Off-the-Shelf solution you choose, effectively integrates with your current existing system. In case you are still running an older COTS package, it is important to invest in enhancing your existing system. It is because modifying a COTS package can be challenging for the vendor.
  • Consider Customer Service: Before you choose a COTS solution, it is important to understand what type of service you will get from the company after you have made the purchase.
  • Look at the Contract: Make sure your contract indicates what you expect from COTS software. Most importantly your contract should mention that there are no additional fees for the COTS software when reinstalling on a different machine. Again, it is important to consider whether your contract has provisions indicating support when you need it or not.
  • Supportability: It is important to consider how stable the vendor is. In addition, understand what you can get in terms of training, consultation, documentation, and community from the vendor.


Wrapping it Up by Delivering an Idea of When to Lean Towards COTS?

When it comes to choosing between custom software and COTS, it largely depends on the type, size, industry, and other specifications of your business. But the general rule is that when you have seen the COTS product you consider worked successfully somewhere else similar to your project, you can go with COTS. Again, when you have a fixed budget, it will be better to rely on COTS. It is because the cost of COTS solutions is more predictable.








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