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Become A Pilot: Things To Consider Before Becoming A Pilot



You’ve landed your first job as a professional, congratulation! Once you’ve settled into your job, you’ve become exhausted from your day-to-day tasks and realise that it’s not what you had hoped for or desired. Looking for more information about other jobs that could be open, you’re on the search for something, only to find advertisements for similar jobs that you’re certain you won’t like.


You went to college only to discover that you don’t want to pursue the field you pursued, or don’t intend to utilise the degree in any way or if you skipped flying school and entered work, the result is similar. You’re considering a change in job, but don’t worry. A lot of people have wanted to pursue an entirely new career and have been successful. There’s good news: you could too! If you’re seeking to travel, meet people, and make a lot of money flying, the pilot career could be the right choice for you. Let’s review the things to think about when changing careers.

Age: Am I Too Much Old To Become A Pilot?

Let’s get this one off the table. This is probably the most frequent problem/question we receive from people. I’m too old. If you’re not nearing over 65 years old, then you’re not. Get this thought out of your mind. The only number you have to worry about is when becoming a pilot. This is the retirement age for commercial pilots. In our opinion, there’s no age limit to be a pilot until you’re near retirement. There have been many pilots in their 40s, 30s, and even 50s, who completed their training at Curtis Aviation and have made the transition into the airline industry to carry their career as pilots until retirement.

What Is My Goal?

Instead of worrying about your age, or anything else, the first thing you must be asking yourself is: What do I really want? When you think about a change in your career, take the time to do a thorough evaluation of yourself.

  • What are your core values?
  • What do you enjoy about work?
  • What do you hope to achieve from your job?

You’ve probably heard the expression, discover what you enjoy doing, and you’ll never be working for a single day in your career. Therefore, you must find the answer for yourself. What would you want for, even if it were never money? Many students who have been successful as pilots simply enjoy flying and feel motivated to fly. Earning money for it is merely an added benefit.

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Are Piloting Jobs An Ideal Fit For Me?

Let’s say that you’ve finished your self-reflection exercise in the second step and believe that becoming a pilot is precisely what you’re looking for. The next thing you need to think about is this career, the right one for you. Do your homework. It’s no secret that being a pilot comes with benefits, and if you just take a look you’ll think yes I’d like to have this. A great pay package, free flight benefits, you’re a lover of travel, and it’s ticking off all the boxes you have, However, there’s more to being a pilot other than this.


Research the balance of work and life you’ll encounter at various levels of your piloting career and ensure you’re comfortable with that. Be aware of the training required in order to develop the skills that you’ll need. You can even do an aptitude test in order to identify your strengths as well as weaknesses.


If becoming an airline pilot is your ultimate goal, then you’ll have the obligation of transporting hundreds of passengers to their destinations safely every day. Be sure that you’re ready for the level of accountability and confidence from the people around you that are required to become an airline pilot.

Am I Willing To Go Back To School?

Changes in careers usually require new skills when it comes to becoming a pilot. Is the same. In order to become a pilot, you require the required expertise, skills and education for becoming one. One way you can acquire these abilities is to go to school. It doesn’t have to mean going that you go back to school and earning an education, it simply requires going to flight school.


There are numerous kinds of flying schools available, which is why it’s essential to investigate your options and determine the best option for you. Consider not just the way your new schedule of training will work with your life in general and what you might or might not have to alter, however, you should also consider the length of time it will take for you in order to complete your training and achieve your ultimate goal in your job. What is more important to you, flexibility in your training or advancing your career at the speed you can?

Do I Have The Money To Make This Change?

First, of course, is the expense of learning. The majority of loan companies will permit deferring your payments up to six months following graduation, which makes it simpler to budget the cost of your payments. Another factor is your current income. If you’re just beginning a new job, it is likely that your payment is expected to be lower than the one you’re earning now this is true for all industries since you do not have the expertise yet to be able to command the higher pay.


However, the good news is that this will only last until you get more experience. The main question to consider is: do you want to sacrifice your lifestyle and accept lower earnings in the near future in order to reap the benefits of becoming an experienced pilot in the future? If you’re prepared to do that, the payback on your investment in a pilot’s salary will be higher than if you didn’t.

Is This The Best Time To Change Careers To Become a Pilot?

The good thing is that it’s usually the best time to start your journey to becoming a pilot. And in order for aviation to expand, they require pilots. There is a massive shortage of pilots, which is predicted to be over 700,000 pilots. It can take between 2 and 5 years to become a pilot for an airline, dependent on the kind of flying school, the right time to begin your journey is now.




Pilots are highly sought-after as the need for flight instructors across the globe is predicted to grow.


If you’re in search of an occupation that’s highly paid and lucrative, there’s no better alternative than becoming a pilot for an airline commercially.


Curtis Aviation’s goal is to make it simple and affordable for anyone to start their journey.

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