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8 Signs of Hiring an Acoustic Consultant



Whether you need to create an optimal home theatre or try to make the most of your existing space, you’ll need to do some soundproofing. But what do you look for in an acoustic consultant? How do you know which one to hire with so many options available?

Reasons why you should hire an acoustic consultant

1. Poor Soundproofing

Is there any soundproofing in your recording space? If not, it’s time to install some. After analysing the noise report in Melbourne, it might seem expensive and complicated to build a dedicated soundproof room or studio for recording. Still, it’s worth it if you value your equipment and want to ensure optimal audio quality. According to acoustic expert witness services, not only can acoustics vary significantly from room to room—even in rooms within a single building—but some surfaces aren’t suitable for recording use at all.

2. Bad Speaker Placement

According to most of the noise reports in Melbourne, poor speaker placement—whether it’s in your home or commercial space—can ruin the sound and greatly diminish its effect. The noise report in Melbourne indicates two common reasons, both of which can get easily avoided: 

  • Placing speakers directly against a wall and
  • Putting speakers directly behind one another

3. Employee Disturbance

If the noise report in Melbourne is not on the positive side, the first sign that you might need to hire an acoustic consultant is if you find yourself and your employees missing more days of work than usual. Even if it’s not a physical ailment, research shows that simple things like excessive noise can tell people’s emotional states and lead to stress-related severe illnesses. The noise report in Melbourne indicates that the negative impact of high levels of environmental noise may also contribute to increases in employee absenteeism.

4. Excessive Noise

If your space is too loud, the acoustic foam won’t be able to fix it. It may seem strange, but one of your first steps in making your space a suitable environment to be at should be to check how loud it is. It’s uncommon for even serious music listeners to feel overwhelmed by too much noise. If you notice people overwhelmed or trying to retreat when there is a lot of noise, it may be time to enlist some help from an acoustic consultant. 

If you love music but don’t want to disturb others then an audiophile-grade subwoofer can make music sound fantastic, but it may be better to bring in an expert if you have a large listening space.

5. Spot Problems Easily

Since listening to your favourite band in concert hardly represents typical listening conditions, you can’t tell how your speakers will sound by visiting a show. And according to the acoustic expert witness service, usually, they say that it takes time and money to make changes at a venue; it’s better to fix any problems while they are still small. An acoustic consultant helps you do just that.

6. Annoying Footsteps

If you have a hard time concentrating when others are around, especially if there’s noise coming from elsewhere in your office or workplace, consider hiring an acoustic consultant. A consultant will use various tools to measure sound levels and prescribe ways to fix them (for example, by adding absorptive panels). 

7. Customer Request

Requesting a product or service that your business doesn’t provide can signify that you should rethink your strategy. In some cases, these requests indicate gaps in marketing or customer awareness. Customers aren’t sure what they want in others, but this could lead to new growth opportunities. Whatever the case may be, these requests give you insight into how customers currently experience your brand and what could be done to enhance it.

8. Noisy Furniture

According to some noise reports in Melbourne, you may need to replace or upgrade your old, noisy furniture. Before you decide on your purchase, spend some time in your space with these options. Give them a test run for 30 days (or whatever return policy is available) and see if they can keep up with your daily routine before making any purchases.


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