7 Reasons Why Vape Cartridge Packaging Is Beneficial


7 Reasons Why Vape Cartridge Packaging Is Beneficial



Vape packaging has been regarded as the most trendy and unique packaging. This is because vape pens that are also called electronic cigarettes have seamlessly managed to establish their position. They have made an impact to the extent that most people, especially youth, have shifted from tobacco smoking to vaping. As a vape supplier, you must consider the importance of packaging and get effective vape cartridge packaging.

Many packaging companies are out there who are offering custom boxes. You must hire a builder who is an expert and bring you mental peace. You can surely get the detailing and manufacturing completely of your choice. Anyhow, let’s get to know the benefits of custom vape packaging.

Reliable Solution

A remarkable packaging can make your customer feel the aroma of the vape even before he uses the product. This is because custom packaging builds a strong and emotional connection with the customer. Packaging boxes having unique graphics can drive the customers crazy for your items. This is how custom packaging boxes help you persuade the target audience.

The professional outlook and interactive layout of these boxes craft a modern impression. Also, you can easily differentiate different vape flavors based on the graphics and colors you use. You also get an edge by simply mentioning the name of the flavor and using graphics for making the items attractive. In this way, custom vape packaging facilitates the users to provide a reliable solution to the end consumers.

Highly Protective

Vape packaging boxes are made of cardboard or kraft materials and so are sturdy. This is why these boxes provide great protection to the vape pens. You can surely use these boxes for different purposes such as for shipment and retail stores. They provide support to the vape cartridges and keep them intact during transportation.

You can blindly trust the quality of cardstock boxes. This is because they keep the vape pens safe from damage. These boxes also contribute to keeping the taste and fragrance of the e-juice fresh. This is because they do not allow external conditions such as weather and humidity to affect the quality of the e-liquid filled in the cartridges.


If you have heard that custom packaging needs a lot of money, you are fooled by someone. This is because custom cardboard packaging is very cost-effective. For this purpose, hiring a professional vape cartridge packaging company is a condition. The following factors will help you to better understand that custom cardboard packaging takes a minor segment of your budget if and only if manufactured smartly.

  • Cardboard and kraft materials are organic and can be obtained easily at a fair price.
  • The manufacturing of these boxes requires low-cost tools. In this way, you can get budget-friendly manufacturing.
  • Professional builders construct these boxes in accurate sizes so that no extra material would be used and eventually your money will remain safe.
  • Various custom features are offered by builders. Out of those features, you can easily choose the suitable ones considering your budget.
  • The weight of these boxes is light due to which your shipping cost cuts down to the lowest.

Versatile Designs and Sizes

To represent your brand exclusively, these boxes are a great helping hand. You can easily design these boxes in whatever shape or design you find interesting. This is because the material used in the manufacturing of these boxes is highly flexible. You can conveniently get the right size packaging by accurately measuring your vape cartridge.

When it comes to designing, getting different designs is not a problem now. You just name the design and an expert builder will provide you with it. The most trendy designs for vape packaging are:

  • Tuck-end boxes
  • Boxes having hang tabs
  • Window patch boxes
  • Display boxes
  • Boxes having inserts
  • Hinged lid boxes

These boxes can provide a user-friendly interface and reseal closure due to which the consumer can easily keep the product in these boxes.

Flexible Quantity of Stock

While getting customized boxes, you are not bound to get the specific units. Instead, you can conveniently demand different quantity stock such as wholesale packaging and retail packaging. However, if we talk about pricing, wholesale packaging is far better than retail one. This is because, in wholesale packaging, you get special discounts from the supplier. It generally happens because the cost of the net unit cuts down and the supplier gets more gross profit compared to the invested amount. This is how you are not restricted to the packaging quantity and get inexpensive solutions by putting your hands on wholesale boxes.

Helps You in The Advertisement

Custom packaging has become a whole package of perks for users. You can get free marketing out of these boxes. As the vape business has grown rapidly and brands are also increasing as time passes, you must use vape cartridge packaging as a marketing weapon. By using printed boxes, you can convey your brand message tirelessly. You can effectively tell your brand story by presenting your vape items in the boxes having your brand identity (brand, logo, and tagline) imprinted. In this way, you can expand your brand reach by using custom boxes.

Ecological Solution

Kraft or cardboard material is purely obtained from organic sources such as wood chips and leftover pulp from lumber. This is why most people prefer to buy stuff that is packed in cardboard or kraft materials. Due to their organic nature, these materials do not release chemical irritants during the manufacturing process.

Speaking of environmental sustainability, these boxes are highly renewable. You get an edge to recycle the old stock packaging and reuse them without polluting the environment. Moreover, these boxes are biodegradable as they are made of biogenic materials. In this way, custom packaging helps you to represent yourself as a concerned and responsible brand.

Wrapping Up

To grow your vape business, custom cardboard boxes are highly recommended. These boxes save your money and provide you with a fully customized solution. You can get different designs of printed boxes and convey a professional brand image. Lastly, these boxes improve your brand reputation due to the green packaging factor.

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