6 Scrumptious Snacks For Your Kids Outdoor Picnic


6 Scrumptious Snacks For Your Kids Outdoor Picnic



It’s the end of summer, and you’re probably still trying to soak up the last bit of sun before school starts back up in the fall. After spending so much time having fun with friends and family, what better way to finish off your summer than to organize an outdoor picnic? Whether you’re going on a day trip or staying at home, you’ll want to be sure that your child has plenty of snacks on hand to keep their energy up throughout the day. You can always pick different snacks from Kiwi Foods, the best and trusted snacks manufacturer in India.  As you’re preparing, here are six scrumptious snacks for your kid’s outdoor picnic!

  • Bring Different Flavored Chips

There are a number of chips manufacturers in India that make different flavored potato chips. But, in order to be different from other snacks you can buy, flavored chips from Kiwi Foods, they are always a hit. Bring salty, sour, spicy and Masala flavored chips with different color combinations and your kid will definitely love the treat. The flavors of the chips can be cream n onion, classic salty, mast masala, tangy tomato, or simply salted ones but there should be at least 5 flavors for your kids picnic.

  • Crackers with millets and buttermilk

Nothing beats buttermilk and millet crackers when it comes to ideal picnic snacks. They are a pairing made in heaven when dipped in cream. It adds a sophisticated touch to your crispy snacking habits and is made with a variety of healthful components.

  • Carrot sticks

Your kids will definitely raise their hands for Masala Carrot sticks. These are the best snacks for staying on track even though they can be full. These probiotic-rich, super vitamin-boosted carrot sticks pair well with dip platters. You’ll thank us later if you pack them for your outdoor party.

  • Add some Candies to picnic basket

When you are planning your kids’ picnic in the park, add some candies to their basket! Candies are always a delight to every kid’s mouth and fill the tummy with loads of fun and delight.  But don’t just buy any ordinary candies from any store; go for something tasty and unique. You can choose from various types of candies at Kiwi Foods, the top candy manufacturer in India. The different candies available here will not only be a treat to your kids’ taste buds but also provide them with essential nutrients like calcium and vitamin C which helps them to stay energized and make their tummy full. So next time when you decide to organize an outdoor picnic at home or in parks, make sure that there is something sweet added to it too!

  • Cracker Cookies

Fill your picnic basket to the brim with Nutty biscuits so that you may extend the enjoyment of your outdoor party. With their chewy and nutty texture, they can win anyone over. They are the ideal snack pack because they are made with whole, natural almonds and other nutritious components.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

People usually forgot these in favor of an unhealthy “sausage-mayo-crisps-cookie” combo. They are the true allies of a balanced picnic due to their low sugar content and minerals, particularly vitamin C. In addition, they are a source of water, making them crucial for rehydrating young people and children who perspire a lot while participating in outdoor activities.

When you bring such treats along for your picnic, it will be a lot of fun. These amazing selections for picnic snacks are the greatest since they are packed with flavors. They make you and your kid happy and satisfy their appetite in a pleasant way. If you are looking for more snacks, you can always check Kiwi Foods- snacks manufacturer in India products.

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