6 Ideas to Hide your Metal Bed Frame Trending in 2022


6 Ideas to Hide your Metal Bed Frame Trending in 2022



The metal bed frames are the most affordable bed in the market. But, they may not fit your interior design, as the steel bed may look less appealing after a particular time. For the look, you may camouflage the frame, so the metal bed can blend with the rest of the interior of the living room.

You don’t always need an expensive bed to match your preference, just get an iron beds at a good price and curate your idea of it looking appealing for the bedroom space. Look for a creative disposition, and openness to the design that works well with the desired interior.

1. Putting a Bed Skirt over Metal Bed Frames

Keeping a bed skirt is a tried & true solution that hides a metal bed frame that can match your preference too. The bed skirt should always complement the room’s shade. Otherwise, it will be a clash to your eyes. It also helps to conceal the space underneath the bed, providing a stylish storage option.

2. Spray Acrylics Over the Metal Bed Frames

An artistic way to hide the steel bed frame is to spray acrylic paint over the frame. Spraying paint will make it more vibrant, and the pop of color will blend easily on the metal bed frame. This will make the steel double bed frame from old to interesting with minimal decoration, so that room will never feel cramped.

3. Cover the Headboard and Footboard with a Slip Cover

You may have purchased the steel double bed long years ago, to make it more appealing add a set of the slipcover. It comes in a unique shape that covers the headboards and footboards. It makes the bed look like a statement piece for the bedroom space. Make sure to choose the fabric same as the bedding you have used on the steel bed.

4. Keep Oversized Pillows and Quilts

This is the best route to layer the bed with huge pillows, blankets, comforters, and quilts to cover the visible sides of iron bed frames. Therefore, invest in nice pillows that distracts the viewer to see the old metal bed frames over headboards and footboards.

It is the best option to make your old bed look alluring with an oversized bedding sets and pillows. Over the pillows, you can keep multi-color cushions to make it look good with the space decor.

5. One can Attach wood over the Meta Bed Frames

You have seen many wooden beds on the WoodenStreet website, looks amazing in the space. In this way, old steel bed can be upgraded by adding a wooden ply over the headboards and footboards. It will enhance the look of your space decor that creating an illusion of having a wooden bed frame that looks luxurious. You will get a bed with a touch of class at a very cheap price.

6. Add Decorative Element to Distract Eyes from the Metal Frames

To distract the viewers from seeing the metal bed frames, look for some eye-catching fixtures that will be a statement-pieces for everyone who passes by it. This can be done by adding a floor carpet on both sides of metal beds. Add multiple cushions in various colors that takes the eye of the viewers. In this way, many ideas can be curated that make it look amazing in the bedroom space.

WoodenStreet is an online platform, where you will get ample designs in steel bed price. It helps you to get the sleek design of a steel double bed under budget. The designs were available in modern, contemporary, traditional and transitional designs. Getting one for your home will never disappoint you.

This will make the steel double bed frame from old to interesting with minimal decoration, so that room will never feel cramped.


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