5 handy moving tips and tricks for a stress-free move


5 handy moving tips and tricks for a stress-free move



On our inspiration blog, you will mainly find a lot of inspiration for the interior and its (partial) adaptation. But what if you move? We would also like to help you with that. That is why you will find a number of handy moving tips here that make the process a lot easier.

Handy moving tips:

1.      Pack your things carefully

Items such as clothing cannot break easily. Crockery, on the other hand, is a lot more fragile. Because not everyone has bubble wrap at home, we have a different solution. By wrapping your plates, glasses, etc., in towels and transporting them in a moving box, the chance of broken crockery on arrival is minimized as much as possible. To pack glasses, even more, you can put old newspapers in the glasses before wrapping them in towels.

2.      What do you take and what not?

Moving means making a fresh start in a different place. Do you have to bring all your stuff with you? Before moving, make a selection and see what you want to take with you to your next home and whatnot. Personal belongings such as photos and paintings are easy to take with you and can be incorporated into the new interior in a new way. Items like window decorations or furniture are more difficult to bring to a new place. The dimensions of the new house are different, making these kinds of things too big or too small. So pay attention to this before and during the move.

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You can sell the furniture and accessories you do not take to your new home, among other things. This gives your furniture a new life. Not only nice for the wallet but also for the environment.

3.      Labels on your moving boxes

Many write ‘Living room’ or ‘Bathroom’ on the moving boxes. It is very useful to know what is in the boxes and where the moving boxes should go during unloading. To make it even easier for yourself, you can use color labels. For example, ‘Crockery’ belongs to the kitchen, and ‘Cuddles’ again to the nursery(s). Adding a color label makes it a lot easier not only for you but also for others!

Stick two or three labels on each box—first, the space, such as the kitchen, and then the contents. For example, towels and tea towels can be easily transported and put down. Crockery, on the other hand, must be transported with care. A second/third label ensures that your help does not make mistakes and that unpacking also becomes a lot more efficient!

4.      Moving means planning

Don’t think too much about moving. Start well in advance and pack one or a few boxes each day. Arrange all necessary protective packaging materials in advance. This way, you avoid unnecessary stress just before the actual move. And are you going to take care of the move yourself, or will you have it done by professionals? Moving means planning and making choices. Remember: Well, the beginning is half done! Nobody wants to panic.

5.      Things to arrange in advance

A large part of the relocation can be arranged on-site. However, furniture and window decorations need to be arranged earlier. A sofa has an average delivery time of two months, and custom window decoration also takes an average of one and a half weeks. So make sure you arrange these kinds of things on time. Nothing is more annoying than coming home to a house with no sofa or peepers from outside because the windows aren’t covered yet!

I sincerely hope that these pointers will be very helpful to you. Click here to read more articles like this one.
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