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3 reasons to hire a professional to write your web content



Do you want to increase your online presence? Yes, but how to do it? The web content writer can help you. Craftsman, merchant or web entrepreneur, you know that the development of your business depends on the visibility of your activity on the Social Media Verification Service. Only, you lack time to implement everything.

The development of texts for your site and social networks is not part of your core business. Your skills in the field are limited and you don’t have time to do everything.

Versatile digital content creator, the web editor is a first-choice ally to boost your results. How can he help you to achieve your goals? Here are 3 good reasons to collaborate with this digital writing professional.

1/ Save time by hiring a web content writer

Time is money! The more you disperse yourself in ancillary tasks, but essential to the functioning of your business, the less time you have to devote yourself to your job. But it’s your work that really makes your business grow. Like invoicing, accounting, the switchboard, delegate the writing of content for your website to a professional.

It is very likely that you are not trained in the specific constraints of texts designed for the Net. And, even if you had the skills, would you have a few moments of respite in your day to devote yourself to this task?

According to an IPSOS report published in June 2020, 54% of entrepreneurs are hampered in the development of their VSE-SME by a lack of time. But this is not inevitable. Trust a writing 2.0 technician to support you. He will be better and faster than you. Your showcase site or your blog will thus have the visibility they deserve on the web.

The role of this ace of the keyboard is to assist you in the creation of content relating to your field of activity. Thanks to it, your message will be widely disseminated. You can direct his work with specific commands or, to save even more time, call on his multiple skills in digital strategy to optimize your online presence. He can also advise you effectively, going so far as to offer you other services such as:

  • setting up an editorial calendar;
  • the integration of content on your site;
  • the production of visuals to illustrate and reinforce the power of the texts.

Do you have a content marketing approach? Using a web editor is all the more justified.

You can leave the blog posts to him while you focus on what you’re good at. You will thus have all the time necessary to create and sell your physical or dematerialized products (training, eBooks, support, artistic creations, etc.).

2/ Attract new customers and prospects with a versatile digital content creator

A specialist in digital writing actually has multiple skills. He knows how to play with words. He has sharpened his pen over time and the missions entrusted to him. Copywriting (persuasive writing), storytelling (art of telling a story), qualified professional web editors have many strings to their bow.

You can therefore expect them to write a lot of texts in very different formats, both for your website and for your Social Media Verification Service. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what they can produce for you:

  • blog post;
  • About, Home, Category or Sales page;
  • product sheet;
  • daily, weekly, monthly newsletter (or newsletter);
  • sales email;
  • White Book;
  • publication for social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.);
  • video script;
  • video subtitling;
  • podcast transcript.

Thus, the experience of the copywriter you recruit will open many doors for you. It consolidates the foundations of your site and can become the architect of its growth, as well as its entire ecosystem (Instagram account, Facebook group and page, YouTube channel, etc.).

Your visibility is increased tenfold. Imagine the lead you take vis-à-vis your competitors when you rely on the dynamism and quality of your publications! We only see you on the web (or almost). Referencing your activity locally can increase the number of visitors to your shop or office. Google estimates that 50% of consumers visit a local business during the day of their search.

The web editor can help you optimize your Google My Business page. Certainly, the versatility of this digital content creator is a major asset for the vitality of your business. Your site is noticed.

You attract more prospects and customers to your business every day.

3/ Establish

The expertise of this writer of the digital age reinforces yours with your audience. Indeed, the creator of digital content assigning his copyright in the vast majority of situations, nothing indicates that the article published was designed and produced by a third party.

It is therefore your website, and you, who will reap the fruits of its labor. Trained in SEO, the copywriter is determined to gain the best positioning of his writings on search engines. This is one of its priorities to allow you to stand out among the 30,000 billion pages indexed by Google.

By developing texts optimized for natural referencing while keeping the user experience at the heart of the process, it meets the needs of Internet users. These latter, satisfied to obtain a solution that meets their expectations, immediately place your site among their favorites. Little by little, you become essential.

If you opt for a regular publication strategy, then tens or even hundreds of pages and articles bearing the values ​​of your company will rank in the first results of Google.

This makes you a reference in your field. In addition, expressing yourself frequently on the same subject demonstrates your own expertise in the matter. You know your subject. This leads to increased loyalty among your readers, your future customers.

your reputation by writing optimized and specific content

Moreover, some Net writers choose to devote themselves to a limited list of themes. Their selection is made according to their tastes, but also personal and professional experiences past or carried out in parallel.

Curiosity is certainly a character trait found in many of them, so many of them will be able to meet your needs. However, the richness of a specialized pen in your domain is elsewhere. in the vocabulary used.

In the sensations she is able to arouse in your readers, because she speaks the same language, because she has experienced the same trials, the same moments. Calling on an expert web content writer in your field of action is the assurance of touching your audience in the heart.

You thus create a real community around your universe, your values, your brand. In turn, you increase your turnover.

It does not matter whether your activity is exclusively online or entirely carried out physically in store, in office or on site, a good copywriter will be able to guide you to obtain the best results.

You can choose to work with a qualified professional who practices freelance, through an agency or a platform.

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