2D vs. 3D: What's Right for You & What’s More in Demand?


2D vs. 3D Animation: What’s More in Demand?



In recent years, animated content has grown in popularity, especially as pandemic limitations caused the cancellation of live-action films.

But if you want to ride that wave and start a career in this industry, you might be curious about the distinctions between 2D and 3D animation.

Of course, 2D just considers length and height, but 3D also includes depth. What exactly goes into each form of animation, though?

All of those queries are addressed in this blog.

Choosing between 2D and 3D animation? We have gathered everything you need to know by jotting down the pointers given by a leading 3D & 2D Video Animation Agency.

2D Animation: Everything You Need to Know

2D animation is still popular despite having been around for a while. If we’re being honest, it’s quite a large one.

Simply described, 2D animation, often known as traditional animation, is a hand-drawn animation style where animators individually create each frame. The appearance of movement is created by adhering these frames together and playing them quickly.

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Imagine sketching a sequence of images on a notepad to better understand 2D animation. On the notepad, make a drawing that we’ll name the original image. Draw the image a little to the side of the first image on the next page. Continue until you reach the last page.

It’s showtime now. When you’re finished, swiftly flip over the pages to see the pictures moving. 2D animation is alike, just a bit more complex.

2D Animation Process

The labor-intensive and crucial hand-drawn 2D animation technique. 2D animators genuinely strain their backs to create compelling frames. Though with new internet animation creators, hand sketching has been somewhat set aside. These days, 2D animation is a snap, thanks to programs like Adobe After Effects, Synfig, and many more!

This is a crude illustration of the 2D animation process.

  • 2D Animation Storyboards
  • Animation Audio Production
  • Visual Development
  • Animation Production
  • Animation Post Production

3D Animation: Everything You Need to Know

The majority of 3D animation occurs on computers. It is a type of animation where the digitally created objects move about in three dimensions. However, realistic experiences have a price. As a result, 3D animation requires a sizable budget and even bigger solutions.

3D Animation Process

The method of 3D animation is quite complex. Learning 3D medical animation techniques takes time, and perfecting them is another matter. The steps involved in creating a 3D animated film are roughly broken down as follows: storyboarding, 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, and rendering. After that, audio is added, and editing is done to get a professional result.

2D Vs. 3D Animation: Which One is More in Demand?

What’s better, if that’s what you came for?

So there you have it: Both 2D and 3D are equally effective. Both are gaining popularity as distinctive art forms. Thus, it is challenging to gauge their demand. But we can see where 2D and 3D are required. Both are widely used together on various platforms where one stands out above the other.

2D animation is more prevalent in television programs, online commercials, websites, and even mobile applications, as you may have observed for yourself. Compared to 2D animation, 3D animation is more common in video games, architecture, films, and engineering.

What Should I Know About 2D and 3D?

Everything comes down to what you like to create the most. While some with mechanical brains like to create 3D animation characters, those with artistic eyes prefer to do it with 2D characters.

Therefore, if you’re unsure of what to study, we advise you to attempt both because they both have their own advantages. A second talent is also beneficial to everyone.

Discover your preferences by exploring the world of animation. Try your hand at using both 2D and 3D animation software. Find out what keeps you interested and wing it from there.

Which Type Of Animation Is More Popular: 2D Or 3D?

The demand for animated material, both 2D and 3D, is enormous worldwide.

New animated TV series are often released on streaming platforms, including Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+. Each year, Netflix alone hopes to distribute six brand-new animated features.  However, this isn’t always the case.

Realistic Advice

Animation in two dimensions is more durable and has stood the test of time in terms of technology. There is no doubt about its continued existence. However, 3D animation is an entirely different matter. It lately caught on to the craze. There is no question in the least regarding its value now; it is undeniably getting better. The question of whether it will still exist in the future, though, remains.

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The popularity of 3D animation may or may not continue to grow in the future. With cutting-edge aesthetics, it will undoubtedly get more technical and creative.

Final Words

The times are different now. The animation industry has advanced significantly, and it is continually humming with innovation. Learning 2D or 3D for the purpose of learning is not harmful.

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